Summertime…and the livin’ is easy!

Tina and Jo Jo at the Capitol Theater

Lonnie on Fontana Lake

Lonnie on Fontana Lake

It’s hard to believe, but summer is almost over. And it’s been nearly three months since The 2nd Annual Snake Alley Festival of Film was held at the Capitol Theater in Burlington, Iowa.

Since that time, life goes on. As you can see by the photos, Tina and JoJo are staying busy at the Capitol Theater and Lonnie Schuyler is relaxing on Fontana Lake in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. (Or is he scouting locations?)

We hear that film makers are working on new short films for next year’s film fest.

Russ Fry is working on another historical documentary. Phil Pool, Mike Roberson, and Brandy Swartz are taking pictures of anything that will hold still…and rumor has it that “The Boyz from Boston” may return and bring “The Bride of Samurai” (Brian’s new bride) with them.

Until then, shoot film while the weather is good and enjoy the rest of your summer.

Edit when the snow falls, unless you’re doing a movie that takes place in the winter. (Here in Florida we don’t have that problem.)


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