Paulina and Julian

Paulina and Julian

Phil, Gary, and JoJo

Phil, Gary, and JoJo

While I was at the gym yesterday, I saw a guy come in on crutches. He was wearing shorts, a tee shirt, and a walking cast. (That’s one of those things that looks like a knee-length Frankenstein boot.) He’s a regular and I’d seen him working out many times before, in his pre-cast days.

My curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to see what he was going to do. On crutches, he hobbled around the gym and completed his normal workout routine except for the part that required the use of his injured leg.

Now, THAT is dedication!

Dedication accomplishes some amazing things. It takes some serious dedication for Lonnie Schuyler to plan, set-up, and execute The Snake Alley Festival of Film each year.

It takes dedication for Tina Salamone to keep the newly refurbished Capitol Theater of Burlington, Iowa running at peak performance day after day.

And, it takes dedication for all of the volunteers who donate their time, energy, and sometimes money to make The Snake Alley Festival of Film a world-class event every year. (The names of the volunteers are listed in the blog post of June 19th, titled, “Burlington, Iowa…You Rock!”)

All of these dedicated people will tell you that it’s a labor of love.

So, what about you? Are you dedicated enough to shoot a possibly award-winning short film for this years Snake Alley Festival of Film?

Are you dedicated enough to write a mind-blowing screenplay?

Are you dedicated enough to enter The Third Annual Snake Alley Festival of Film and travel to Burlington, Iowa this coming summer to mingle with your fellow film makers?

Somehow, I think you are! And I’m looking forward to meeting all of you.


“Best of the Fest!”

Another successful film festival is in the can.

Another successful film festival is in the can.

Okay! So you missed your chance to go to The Second Annual Snake Alley Festival of Film this past June. While it may be over…and maybe you missed the parties, the people, the glitz and the glamour…you can still experience some of the movie magic.

On September 5th through the 7th the Capitol Theater of Burlington will be showing a selection of films from the fest. Lonnie Schuyler, director of the SNAFF (Snake Alley Festival of Film) and his team of eagle-eyed experts have chosen a selection of films that represent a cross-section of the amazing talent that was on display in June.

Tickets are only $5.00. Five bucks…for hours of world-class entertainment. Talk about a cheap date. Show your sweetie just how much you care.

And speaking of sweeties, give Lonnie Schuyler a kiss for his birthday. It’s September 5th, but he’ll accept kisses on all three days. I won’t disclose his age, but if he was a giant sequoia, you’d fall asleep counting the rings.

On a serious note, he IS getting older, so try not to startle him. And if you see Phil Pool one of the SNAFF photographers, don’t startle him either. He just had a birthday and he’s even older than Lonnie. (If that’s even possible.)