Early deadline is approaching…

While the early deadline is fast approaching, we decided to get a jump on the screening process. So, we ┬ádug into the fifty or so films that we have already received, and surprisingly the thing that struck us the most, is the quality. In particular, the action short category. If you’ve ever tried your hand at action, then you know, pulling it off is no mere feat. It takes planning, a multitude of set-ups and great deal of luck, (that no one is seriously injured). A quarter of a page of action can eat up a whole day, and that kills, when you’re shooting on small or no money budget. So kudos to those of you who so expertly pulled it off. We are extremely excited to be able to showcase your talents to so many eager young filmmakers that are sprouting out of the midwest. Aside from us, we are sure you will garner many new fans. So bravo!!!! You action filmmakers!

On a second note, we are proud to announce that the, “ALLEY” , the award given to the best of the fest, is being fashioned by local artisan, “Bill Printy”, a local blacksmith that hails from Bentonsport, Iowa. The award will be made out of steel, shaped like Snake Alley and also resemble a ribbon of film. The sculpture will be mounted on a hard wood block, with a plate that reads, “Snake Alley Festival Of Film presents… The Best Of The Fest”, followed by the film and director’s name. It is an award we hope will be coveted by many new filmmakers in the years to come.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned with updates and itineraries. Make movies my friends.


Snake Alley Festival Of Film