Constructing a venue

Recently my dad came to visit and I decided I’d take him on a walk through the Capital theatre. It’s impressive to see how far they have come with the renovation. The place is completely gutted and they are hard at work extending the stage. Venue is so important. I know the excitement a filmmaker feels when their film screens under really great circumstances. It all comes down to people seeing your work in the best possible light. Great picture, great sound, and a packed house. Some of my favorite festivals (not all) operate with only one venue. The reason I enjoy these festivals so much is that I never miss a great film. And I really do enjoy supporting fellow filmmakers. We are a small dedicated bunch and we need to band together. So, cheers to a great picture, excellent sound, and a packed, newly renovated venue. As a fellow filmmaker, it doesn’t get much better than that.

P.S.My dad was floored by the size of the space.