Bits and Pieces!

Brian Moyer and bride

Just so you know we haven’t been sleeping on the job, (maybe napping a bit, but not really sleeping) we bring you some news and tidbits since The 2nd Annual Snake Alley Festival of Film wrapped up.

Russ Fry, who has been a big supporter of this festival since it began, is working on a new historical film. Last year he screened “The Hanging of The Hodges.” His new film’s working title is “A Ride Around Historical North Hill; Burlington, Iowa!” As with all of Russ’ work, he does a lot of research and gets some interesting facts of history for this area.

Stephen Folker’s latest film is titled “Field Freak” and is in production in Eastern Iowa. It is slated for release in 2014.
Mikeal Burgin’s film, “Bring Me A Dream” continues to win awards after his big win at The 2nd Annual Snake Alley Festival of Film. The latest is The Best Iowa Film at the 2013 Hardacre Film Festival. It also got a nice write-up in the Cedar Rapids newspaper.

David Thrasher posted a link to a book he had read titled “The Business of Media Distribution: Monetizing Film, TV, and Video Content in an Online World” by Jeff Ulin. Here’s the link: Monetizing/dp/024081200X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1375497047&sr=8-1&keywords=business+of+media+distribution

Here is a nice freebie if you plan to market your own films (or anything else for that matter). Go to and sign up for the free monthly newsletter. It’s full of practical, useable marketing tips that you can implement now.

In the meantime start making plans to attend, enter, show-up-for, or be at The 3rd Annual Snake Alley Festival of Film. If you aren’t there, we’ll make fun of you (and you won’t even know.)

This just in: Brian Moyer, who played the chain-smoking Samurai in the People’s choice winner “Phil’s Butts,” got married. (Cue the Queen song, “Another One Bites The Dust”) Just kidding! Congratulations to the newly-weds. Their photo is at the top of this post.


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