Has It Been A Month?

This Friday is July 4th also known as Independence Day. That marks one month since The Snake Alley Festival of Film convened in beautiful Burlington, Iowa. It’s hard to believe a month has passed. It seems like only yesterday.

Of course, the other side of midnight is that it has taken me almost a month to recuperate. What with the rockin’ after parties, great films, fun readings of some fabulous screenplays, and being shanghaied at the last second to play a part in a play I hadn’t read (thanks JoJo and Kara)…it’s a wonder I’m not still in bed. Absolutely too much fun in one place!

On top of that, my children forced me to mow “the back 40” and I have the whip scars on my arm to prove it.

In fact, things were such a blur that I was man-handled (maybe I should say woman-handled) by six women and almost didn’t remember it! (God! I hope that’s not a symptom of old age.) the picture posted here proves it happened—and this was before the drinking started.

Met some old friends, made some new ones, and had a great time in general including the very wet Wiener Dog races. If you missed it…well there’s always next year. And, believe me, next year will be even better!

Happy Birthday America!




Winners and Nominees!!!!


Best Student Film… The Nominees are…

Five Words. Harold’s Gift. Noah Hammer. The Violinist.

The Winner is… Five Words

Best Music Video… The Nominees Are…

Awaiting Dilation. We Are All Alone in this together. She’s Da Reason. Say My Heart Goodbye.

The Winner Is… Say My Heart Goodbye

Best Dramedy… The Nominees are…

Co-Pay. 4GLove. Molly. Motivating Stanley.

The Winner Is… 4GLove

Best Foreign Film… The Nominees are…

Smile. Soccer Day. Something You Never Forget. Don’t Look There.

The Winner is… Soccer Day

Best Sci-fi/Fantasy… The Nominees are…

Europa. Sad Monster. Talk To Strangers.

The Winner is… Sad Monster

Best Action… The Nominees Are…

The Adventures Of Kid McClain. Wonderland.

The Winner Is… Wonderland.

Best Horror… The Nominees are…

Girl. The Heebie Jeebies. Playing With The Devil.

The Winner is… Playing With The Devil

Best Documentary… The Nominees Are…

Families Are Forever. I Never Said I Wasn’t Happy. Not Anymore, A Story Of Revolution. We Are Somebody.

The Winner Is… Families Are Forever

Best Animation… The Nominees Are…

Green Acres. Feed. Animal Cookies.

The Winner Is… Green Acres

Best Drama… The Nominees Are…

Closet. Money 1955. The Wheeler Parker Story. Love Letter.

The Winner Is… Closet

Best Comedy… The nominees are…

Catch Phrase. A Short Film. Our Urban Wilderness. There Is No God And We All Die Alone.

The Winner Is… There Is No God And We All Die Alone

Best Screenplay… The Nominees Are….

Buffalo Gap. First Come First Serve. A Man Of His Word. What Matters Most.

The Winner Is… First Come, First Serve

Out Of The Ten Screenplay Finalist, The Production Deal Goes to…


Best Iowa Made Film… The Nominees Are…

Awaiting Dilation. Catch Phrase. Co-Pay. Caught In Condiments. She’s Da Reason.

The Winner is… Catch Phrase

Best Of The Fest… The Nominees Are…

Pauline In A Beautiful World. Das Kind. Closet. Playing With The Devil. Not Anymore, A Story Of Revolution
The Winner is… Das Kind

The Director’s Award For Outstanding Performance…
The Nominees Are…

Das Kind. Pauline In A Beautiful World. Closet.

The Winner Is… Pauline In A Beautiful World

The Audience Choice Award….

The ones with the highest votes…

Soccer day, Smile, Das Kind, Pauline in A Beautiful World. A Not So Good Pilot.

The Audience Award goes to… Smile

Down To The Wire!

We are watching the last block of films for the night. This will be followed by a Catered Red Carpet Party. The Red Carpet Party is usually held in the street in front of The Capitol Theater, but due to a lot of rain, it had to be moved indoors.

Oh, well! The lobby of the theater and the theater annex will be a bit cramped, but the film makers and film goers will get to know each other better. It’ll be warm and cozy.

Following the Red Carpet Party, the Awards Ceremony will be held and film makers, screen writers, and the audience will discover who goes home with the coveted “Alley Award” or the inspired “Writer’s Block.”

Prior to this section of The Snake Alley Festival of Film, was Cyn-A-Palooza. The Wiener Dog races were run in a monsoon, but the short-legged contenders put on their snorkels and were up for the challenge. There was a lot of barking, yapping, and smack-talking…but run they did. No Wiener dogs were hurt during these races.

Once we get finished with the awards ceremony, everyone will head to Martini’s for the final “after party” this year. Then, it’s home to “dry out” and plan a new film project for next year.

If you missed The Snake Alley Festival of Film this year, you missed a fun, and rocking event. Plan to be there next year. I’m already hearing rumblings of bigger and better doings for next year.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Well, we’re into day 4 of The Snake Alley Festival of Film. So far it has been a fun and amazing event. Everyone here is friendly and there are some amazingly talented people concentrated in a small area.

One of the new features this year was to have actors read scripts submitted by screenwriters. JoJo Munkee did an amazing job of collecting actors and rehearsing them. This feature gives screenwriters get to see their words come to life. It helps them to visualize how their words play as an interaction between characters.

Just seconds before one of the scripts was to be read, JoJo got word that two actors were involved in a car accident, so she shanghaied yours truly to fill one of the parts. No rehearsal, no nothing. I was literally handed a script as I walked on stage and was told I was playing the part of Ozzie, an elderly black man. The title of the screenplay was “All Aboard!”

I missed my cues a couple of times and missed leaving the stage during one part.

Everyone was very complimentary and told me I did a good job. I thought to myself, “I don’t think I should quit my day job.”

It was all in good fun and in the name of art, so no harm, no foul.

If you’ve never been to an indie film festival, I urge you to go. If you want to attend a great indie film festival, come to The Snake Alley Festival of Film in Burlington, Iowa.

Tonight’s after party is at The Drake and promises to be a real blast.

And Saturday is Cyn-A-Palooza, complete with a street carnival, big sales, and topped off with Weiner Dog Races.

Then, on Saturday night, we have a street party in front of the Capitol Theater, the awards ceremony, and another after party at Martini’s. Follow Snake Alley Festival of Film on Facebook and see all of the pictures.Image

Thunder and Lightning

Thunder and lightning refers to the weather last night during the last block of films. But it has cleared a bit and is really nice.

Well, day one is in the bag and day two is winding down…except for the after party.  I’ll let you know how that went tomorrow…maybe.

The foreign film block was amazing. People are still talking about it.

I’m going to post a few pictures now that my computer is back on line and functioning. If you couldn’t make it this year, you have my sympathies. This is going to be the best fest yet.

The people in this town (Burlington, Iowa) rock. Warm, friendly, and really into the arts.

Enjoy the early-bird pictures of the 3rd Annual Snake Alley Festival of Film.