Getting Better With Age!

In the last blog post, someone mentioned something about someone being “really old!”

Now, if you look at the picture which accompanied that post, you’ll notice TWO older guys there. One is the really cool older guy who’s been around the block a time or two. The other is a rapidly aging actor who used to be on an ancient series called “Melrose Place.” (Was color TV invented then?) I mean, when was the last time you Googled some of the cast from that show? Talk about ancient.

Now that we’ve cleared THAT up—let’s get on to new business. The deadline for entries into The Snake Alley Festival of Film is rapidly approaching. The entries are coming in at a furious pace. Don’t dawdle and get shut out! March 1st is the deadline for entries.

It will be the same great Snake Alley Festival of Film that we’ve all come to love…but with some extras. This year we’ve added an extra day and some cool new surprises.

We’ve also got some new judges, since one of our “OLD” judges will be in San Francisco on an internship. (Can you believe that? Putting her career ahead of The Snake Alley Festival of Film.)

Paulina and Julian

Paulina and Julian

What? You haven’t mailed your entry yet? Tick tock! What are you waiting for?