The Alley


As the late deadline approaches…

As the late deadline approaches, we are scrambling to get everything set… I feel like we are missing something…. Let’s go over the list… Music, beer, wine, food… check. Rockin’ after parties… check. “Amazing” venue… check and check. Filmmaker’s luncheon… check. Tour of Burlington… check.  Street party/ red carpet event , leading up to the award ceremony… check and double check. What’s missing…?  The films!  Amazing films!  In the scramble to make sure everything is perfect, we sometimes forget about what makes this event tick.  Movies!!!!    And I don’t care if it’s drama, horror, action or comedy… nothing clicks like a beautifully directed film. It sucks you in.  That’s the magic.  The lens allows us to capture a moment so private, so slight, so microcosmic…  You can’t see it with the naked eye. I die for these moments.  And as we watch and re-watch film after film, no matter how tired, no matter how many, I find myself once again, getting sucked in and I get excited.  It gives me the energy to keep hitting play.  Another magic moment.  And that is why I love film.

The regular deadline…

The regular deadline has passed and things are really starting to ramp up. The speed in which things are coming together are phenomenal. And I can’t thank our sponsors and team of volunteers enough….

That said, the red carpet event is shaping up nicely, thanks to the efforts of Cynthia, Amy and Brian. They’re blocking the street off! With a heard of sponsors kicking in the food and drinks. Woo-hoo!!!

All for now, back to the screenings.