Thank You…

Another SNAFF is in the books. New friends were made. Stories were told. Laughs were had. It always seems to sneak up on us and before we know it, it’s over.

I want to thank each and every writer, filmmaker, actor and anyone involved in the making of any work that was submitted to SNAFF. We can’t have a film festival without films. It’s that simple. This festival is for you.

Every year, from when I was just an audience member, to now, I am absolutely taken back by the filmmaking community. Not only by the heaps of talent, but by the special camaraderie that is shared between everyone.

I want to thank my SNAFF team.

Kara, for flying across the country to be the face of the festival as our host and awards ceremony director.

JoJo, Paul and Cheryl for their time and efforts in organizing the short screenplay readings, volunteer coordination, and helping in every aspect of the fest.

Nikki, for always being there, literally and figuratively. For her volunteer coordination, judging, and making sure I was fed and kept alive for the duration of the festival.

Lonnie, for continuing to help in every aspect from fundraising, organizing, and always answering my calls when I need advice.
To Cynthia for the putting together our amazing gift bags.

Jerry Johnson, for  being wherever I needed him whenever I needed him, and for having us at the beautiful Capitol Theater.

Phil Pool of Omni Photography for capturing each moment of the festival, and for always supporting the arts in Burlington.

I want to thank Tina Salamone for taking a chance and giving me my first opportunity at the Capitol Theater and always supporting my vision.

Terry Arellano, for pulling me back into the theater and introducing me to Lonnie.

Thanks to Amy Walsh for always making sure everything is in order.

Thanks to each and every volunteer who gave their time to help keep our festival running smoothly.  A big thanks also goes out to each film judge who spent hours and hours watching and rating films and to each screenplay judge for your time and effort.

Thank you to our generous sponsors. We depend on our sponsors, whether it’s funding, promotion, or donations; it all keeps SNAFF going. We can’t do it without sponsors.

Thanks to Iron & Lace, Becker’s and Tim Scott for your help with the trophies.
Sound & Fury for providing us with new shirts each year.

Thank you to our SNAFFterparty host venues for allowing us to take over your space. Thanks to Kevin at Moto’s for the delicious pizza, Tyler at The Washington for the awesome entertainment, and The Drake for the beautiful view and great food.

Thanks to the Beck’s Pig Out Food truck for bringing us fresh, local BBQ.

Thanks to Laura Arms for her generous donations to both the Capitol and SNAFF.

Thanks go out to Eric Pettit Lion for showing everyone how much talent we have here in Burlington.
William Ford for being the soundtrack to our closing night festivities.
Gabba, for your inspiring performance.
As We Are and Matt Wiggins (The Dying of the Light) for rocking the stage at our awards ceremony.
Randy Wischmeier for making sure everything looks and sounds great.

Thanks to Steve Jennings at Grasshorse for connecting us with Cody Cameron and for always supporting the local arts.
Thanks to Cody Cameron for trekking across the country to share your story and experiences with us. Extra points for spending time with my niece and making me the coolest uncle in the world.

Getting to meet talented people traveling to Burlington from all around the country is one of the many rewarding experiences of running a film festival. The flowers, cards, gifts, and kind words were all overwhelming. The memories are what I value the most.

Here’s to SNAFF 2016. Time to start planning SNAFF 2017.



2016 SNAFF Award Nominees & Winners

Best Dramatic Short


A Way Out – Dir. Jason Tostevin

Second Skin – Dir. Charlie Manton

Positive – Dir. Paul Merryman

The Butterfly, The Harp and The Timepiece – Dir. Rodney Vance

Winner:  A Way Out – Dir. Jason Tostevin


Best Comedy Short


See You Around – Dir. Oren Brimer

Pigeons Shit Everywhere – Dir. Fred De Loof

We’ll Get It – Dir. Kyle Hansen

The Barber’s Cut – Dir. Mark Brocking

Winner: See You Around – Dir. Oren Brimer


Best Documentary Short


Waiting for the (t)rain – Dir. Simon Panay

Rubbertown – Dir. Remington Smith

Why We Walk – Dir. Andrew Littlefield

A Tour of Bluff Road: Burlington, Iowa – Dir. Russ Fry

Winner: Waiting for the (t)rain – Dir. Simon Panay


Best Horror Short


Portal to Hell!!! – Dir. Vivieno Caldinelli

NASTY – Dir. Prano Bailey-Bond

Crush – Dir. Christopher McKee

Night of the Slasher – Dir. Shant Hamassian

Winner: Portal to Hell!!! – Dir. Vivieno Caldinelli


Best Action Short


Recalibrate – Dir. John Gigrich

A Few Rubber Bands More – Director Daniel Greenwald

Winner: Recalibrate – Dir. John Gigrich


Best Animation Short


Edmond – Dir. Nina Gantz

Bingo – Dir. Patrick Shoenmaker

Voltaire – Dir. Jan Snoekx

Ticking Away – Dir. Michael Sewnarain

Winner: Edmond – Dir. Nina Gantz


Best Student Short


As We Say Goodbye – Dir. Jhosimar Vasquez

Inferno – Dir. Rico Mahel

What Happens In Your Brain When You Hear a German Word Like…? – Dir. Zora Rux

One Good Pitch – Dir. Parker Hill

Winner: As We Say Goodbye ner:  – Dir. Jhosimar Vasquez


Best Music Video


The Slow Knife – Dir. Fernando Lazzari

The Prodigy: Wild Frontier – Dir. Mascha Halberstad

Speech of Foxes – Dir. Ben Phillippo

Fedde le Grand: Robotic – Job, Joris & Marieke

Winner:  The Slow Knife – Dir. Fernando Lazzari


Best Iowa Made Short


The Dying of the Light – Dir. Robert Dopf

BURN – Dir. Thor Moreno

Ian Has a Problem – Dir. Matthew Birks

Rutting Season – Dir. Wes Worthing

Winner: The Dying of the Light – Dir. Robert Dopf


Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy Short


They Will All Die in Space – Dir. Javier Chillon

Tongue Stabs Cheek – Dir. Kyle Heller

Roadside Assistance – Dir. Bears Fonte

YO SOY PEDRO – Dir. Jordan Inconstant

Winner: They Will All Die in Space – Dir. Javier Chillon


Best Dramedy Short


Roller Coaster – Dir. Bradley Hawkins

The Inselberg Effect – Dir. Tony Bonacci

Mousequerade – Dir. Landon Brands

Mean Guy Music – Gabriel Getzels

Winner: Roller Coaster – Dir. Bradley Hawkins


Best Foreign Short


Adaptation – Dir. Bartosz Kruhlik

Dead Sharks – Dir. Nic Barker

The Disappearance of Willie Bingham – Dir. Matthew Richards

Father – Dir. Harald Furuholmen

Winner: Adaptation – Dir. Bartosz Kruhlik


Best of the Fest

Comrade Crunch – Dir. Roy Arwas


Directors Award

Second Skin – Dir. Charlie Manton


Writers Block for Best Short Screenplay


Without Adult Supervision  by Andrew Wassom

The R Word by Danielle Smith

I Love You More by Wes Worthing

Morris by Michael Helgens

Dakota Cave – 2 Miles by Robert Rogers

Winner: Without Adult Supervision by Andrew Wassom


Audience Choice Award

Winner: Allison Red – Dir. Jeremy Ferguson



Congratulations to all filmmakers and screenwriters whose work has been selected for the Fifth Annual Snake Alley Festival of Film. We received so many great entries, and we couldn’t be more excited to let the world see the fruits of your labor.

For those planning to attend we have some answers to your questions that will make your visit a little easier.

1. Each filmmaker or screenwriter will get two all access badges. This badge gets you into all SNAFF events including film blocks, stage readings, and SNAFFterparties.

2. In addition to a t-shirt, every filmmaker and screenwriter will receive a swag bag full of local gifts.

3. Registration is Thursday, June 23 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm, right next to the Capitol Theater (also known as the Annex). It connects to the theater, but provides a sound barrier as to not disturb the screenings and readings. If you cannot make it to Thursday’s registration, someone will always be there to assist you.

4. The filmmaker and screenwriter’s brunch takes place on Friday, June 24 at 10am at The Drake. Space is limited so please let me know in advance if you would like to participate. It’s a great time to get to know each other, learn about each other’s projects, and support one another’s films. Sign up by emailing me at

5. SNAFFter parties are all within two blocks of the theater and are free to attend.

6. Travel — We have two nearby airports, each about an hour and half away. One is in Iowa (Cedar Rapids) and the other in Illinois (Moline). Flying into either airport is a lot easier, as far as scheduling, then flying directly into Burlington.

7. The Capitol Theater is located downtown, within a short walking distance of many restaurants, coffee shops, a great record store, and several small shops. Take advantage of our beautiful downtown and support our sponsors!

8. Lastly, if you have artwork (pre-printed posters, cards, swag, etc.) and would like to send them for display, please send to:

Snake Alley Festival of Film
1301 S. 3rd St.
Burlington Iowa 52601.

This will be very helpful in promoting your film.
You can also bring your artwork with you if you plan on attending.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at

We can’t wait to see you all for SNAFF 2016!

Tadd Good
Event Director
Snake Alley Festival of Film

Screenplay Stage Readings

Thursday 4pm – 6pm

Dakota Caves – 2 Miles by Robert Rogers
Scrambled eggs aren’t what they’re cracked up to be, especially when they stop in for a visit.

I Love You More by Wes Worthing
A distraught artist seeks to kill all of his local sex-offender registrants as a means to make his town safe before his recently gang-raped wife returns home from the hospital.


Friday 4pm – 6pm

The R Word by Danielle P. Smith
A new town and new school puts a girl with Down Syndrome face to face with a bully and a hurtful word.

Without Adult Supervision by Andrew Wassom
Three fraternity brothers learn why warning labels are placed on products after a unique game of lawn darts.


Saturday 10am – 11am

Morris by Michael R. Helgens
Morris is a young man grappling with the long lasting effects of abuse at the hands of his step father.

Here Are The Featured Entries

NOTE: Films within blocks are not in set order. Films listed will play within the film block designated blow.


Thursday – Block 1 (12-2pm)

Bull’s-eye to Eye and Dart to Dart


Jonas and the Sea

Mean Guy Music


Dead Sharks



Gratuity (Appreciated)



Thursday – Block 2 (2-4pm)

Waiting for the (t)rain

Roller Coaster

Some Girls’ Mothers


A Few Rubber Bands More

The Break In


Branded Dreams


Thursday – Block 3 (6-8pm)

The Inselberg Effect


A Way Out

A Tour of Bluff Road: Burlington, Iowa

What Happens in the Woods



My Corner

Fedde le Grand: Robotic


Thursday – Block 4 (8-10pm)
**Note – This Block is for adults only. Films contain violence, gore, nudity and adult language.**

Suffer the Little Children



The Barber’s Cut

The Misadventures of a Satanic Cult Part 6

The Misadventures of a Satanic Cult Part 8

That Eva Lynne

We’ll Get It

Don’t Go in the Lake


The Werewolf’s Greatest Hit



Friday – Block 1 (12-2pm)

Strange Terrain

The Call

The Life and Times of Thomas Thumb Jr.


The Kids Are Asleep

The Prodigy: Wild Frontier

Full Feather Jacket

The Promise of Agriculture

What Happens In Your Brain If You See a German Word Like…?

In Love

A Single Life


Friday – Block 2 (2-4pm)

Why We Walk

Leaving Kansas

Comrade Crunch

As We Say Goodbye



Friday – Block 3 (6-8pm)

Auction Insider: The John Zimmer Collection

Stuck In Mute

They Will All Die in Space


Allison Red


BoogeyMan Pest Control

The Butterfly, The Harp and The Timepiece


Friday – Block 4 (8-10pm)


Night of the Slasher

See You Around


Portal to Hell!!!

Second Skin






Saturday – Block 1 (11am-1pm)



Roadside Assistance

Ian Has A Problem

Under The Apple Tree


Speech of Foxes


One Good Pitch


Passé composé


Saturday – Block 2 (1-3pm)



Ticking Away


Rutting Season

Another Empty Space


Saturday – Block 3 (5-7pm)

The Dying of the Light

Witch Doctor

The Unbeliever

Bleed the Night

The Disappearance of Willie Bingham

Tunisia 2045

The Slow Knife