This years Official Selection

The Predators Return Black Irish Buffalo Must Die Naked Bumsicle Any Moment Now Too Late Now Stand Up or Shut Up Ovni Animation Hotline Being Frank Imagine Mars II Division Azul Rose, Mary and Time Revenge Flame of Hayabusa Exit the Dead Prometeo Thumb A Prairie Wind Peace, Love and Zombies Breakaway Folktale Manfred in the Waiting Room Ragman Next to You The Hanging of the Hodges 8 Guns over a Dead Girl The Rose of Turaida Across the Tracks Me My Wife and our Cow Dead Kansas Resistance The Telegram Man One Bedroom The Tell-Tale Heart Revelation Sahasi Chori The Puritans Alone Elegy for a Revolutionary The Incident of the Giant Ammonia-Breathing Space Crab Posey The Perfect Kiss Dejad unMensaje Despues de la Sanal From Uranus Tozeret Bait An Honest Life Treibjagd Tender Far Intersection 20zwoelf Acid Pauli – Equation of Time Ada – Happy Birthday Andersartig Ankommen Ararat Carrousel Domicile Dreieinhalb Felix Heart says Explode It’s Consuming Me Dans Le Jardin Du Nil Jeanetmila Missfall Musik Liegt in der Luft Nachwachter The Hopper Vor Dir Erinnerungen an den Sommer Pro Kopf Another Fucking Solo Just a Favor Little Buddies Paper People Quiet Please Bring Me a Dream Witchbane: Hunters Bishtar az do Saat One year’s Crop Phil’s Butts Forsaken

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