Anyone Seen Becky Thatcher?

Well, folks, we’re gearing up for the trip to Burlington. It’s time to get on up to The Second Annual Snake Alley Festival of Film.

It starts in just two and a half days. It looks like it’ll be a sell-out. Get on the phone or on-line to make sure you don’t get shut out. This is one of the “must-attend” film festivals. Heck! The after parties alone are worth the price of a ticket. Last year, the entertainment (band) and the parties kept moving after the bars closed.

We’ll be there (at least for some of the partying) but first we’ve got to make a stop along the way in Hannibal, Missouri. I’ve got to see a guy about painting a fence.

Then it’s a short hop to B-town. And let the festivities begin.
If you need tickets, call Tina Salamone at (319) 237-1099. She’s the gal who runs the show at the Capitol Theater.

She tolerates Lonnie, so she must be an alright lady.
See you at show time. And we’ll TRY to keep you updated as the festivities unwind.