“Best of the Fest!”

Another successful film festival is in the can.

Another successful film festival is in the can.

Okay! So you missed your chance to go to The Second Annual Snake Alley Festival of Film this past June. While it may be over…and maybe you missed the parties, the people, the glitz and the glamour…you can still experience some of the movie magic.

On September 5th through the 7th the Capitol Theater of Burlington will be showing a selection of films from the fest. Lonnie Schuyler, director of the SNAFF (Snake Alley Festival of Film) and his team of eagle-eyed experts have chosen a selection of films that represent a cross-section of the amazing talent that was on display in June.

Tickets are only $5.00. Five bucks…for hours of world-class entertainment. Talk about a cheap date. Show your sweetie just how much you care.

And speaking of sweeties, give Lonnie Schuyler a kiss for his birthday. It’s September 5th, but he’ll accept kisses on all three days. I won’t disclose his age, but if he was a giant sequoia, you’d fall asleep counting the rings.

On a serious note, he IS getting older, so try not to startle him. And if you see Phil Pool one of the SNAFF photographers, don’t startle him either. He just had a birthday and he’s even older than Lonnie. (If that’s even possible.)


Seems Like Only Yesterday!

It’s been almost a month since The Second Annual Snake Alley Festival of Film ended. The memories are fresh in my mind…and will last a lifetime. If you were there you know it was a blast. I couldn’t find anyone who didn’t have a great time.

If you couldn’t make it, start planning for next year. I’ve put the links to some of the pictures (as promised) so that you can see what went on.

You may have to cut and paste. Sometimes this platform doesn’t accept live links. I’m going to try, but if not…well, you know the drill.

Two of the links are for Cyn-A-Palooza which coincided with The Snake Alley Film Fest and includes great shots of the Wiener Dog Races. Enjoy!

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Looks like the links ARE live. Enjoy the show!

Don’t Lose Heart!

Mike Roberson and friend
“Mike Roberson and friend”

Phil Pool with Camera
“Phil Pool with Camera”

Brandy Schwartz and friend
“Brandy Schwartz and friend”

Don’t Lose Heart!
OK! So you blew it on Valentine’s Day and didn’t get her the all-access pass to the Snake Alley Festival of Film. Plus, you dedicated your short film about over indulgence, entitled “The Girl Who Ate Chicago” especially to her. She didn’t appreciate it. And now she says she never wants to see you again.
Before you go all Gloomy Gus and down in the dumps on us…consider this! You’re FREE! Any girl who wouldn’t appreciate a dedication like that is too high-maintenance anyway. As the man said, “There are plenty of fish in the sea!” and there will be plenty of beautiful women at The 2nd Annual Snake Alley Festival of Film.
If you are following this blog and looking at the pictures, you must have noticed that Burlington was inundated with feminine pulchritude! (Look it up, Sunshine.)
Most of the girls in these pictures are corn-fed, home-grown, down-to-earth, Iowa girls. Many of them model for a shop in town called Original Cyn’s. The rest of the time they are students at the University of Iowa, Iowa State, and other schools. Beauty, brains, and the ability to shuck corn. What more could you ask for?
And speaking of pictures, the official photographers for the film fest are Brandi Schwartz at http://www.brandischwartz.com/ , Mike Roberson at http://robyphotography.com/ and Phil Pool’s Omni Photo at https://www.facebook.com/OmniPhotoByPhil
They did a wonderful job of capturing the candid moments last year and we look forward to more such moments this year. (I guess that’s why that show was called “Candid Camera.) If you need a photographer, these are the folks to call.