How Much Wood Would A Woodchuck Chuck?

536081_476782242338176_302552757_nEverybody remembers that old poem about woodchucks. But what most of you don’t realize is that a woodchuck and a groundhog are pretty much the same critter. It just depends on where you live. And with Saturday being Groundhog Day, we thought it appropriate to bring it up.
Here in Burlington we have woodchucks. (At least that’s what everybody calls them.) Ours are a little smarter than that one named Phil in Pennsylvania. Ours know better than to stick their heads up in the dead of winter just to see a shadow.
Ours wait until June to see The Snake Alley Festival of Film. (Actually they come out to hear the live music at the after parties. They’re notorious party animals.)
And of course, this year, we’ve got the Super Bowl right after Groundhog Day…so a nosy little woodchuck might want to see who’s winning. Or make a prediction before the game. In fact I think I hear one giving me a hint, so be very quiet. Sssshh! What’s that? It sounds like he said “Niners” or was it “Nevermore?”
FYI—the name Woodchuck has nothing to do with wood. It was adapted from what the Algonquin Indians called these creatures…”Wuchak.” So when you’re here for the Snake Alley Festival of Film in June, say hi to “Wuchak.” Just don’t ask him to “chuck wood.”