Anyone Seen Becky Thatcher?

Well, folks, we’re gearing up for the trip to Burlington. It’s time to get on up to The Second Annual Snake Alley Festival of Film.

It starts in just two and a half days. It looks like it’ll be a sell-out. Get on the phone or on-line to make sure you don’t get shut out. This is one of the “must-attend” film festivals. Heck! The after parties alone are worth the price of a ticket. Last year, the entertainment (band) and the parties kept moving after the bars closed.

We’ll be there (at least for some of the partying) but first we’ve got to make a stop along the way in Hannibal, Missouri. I’ve got to see a guy about painting a fence.

Then it’s a short hop to B-town. And let the festivities begin.
If you need tickets, call Tina Salamone at (319) 237-1099. She’s the gal who runs the show at the Capitol Theater.

She tolerates Lonnie, so she must be an alright lady.
See you at show time. And we’ll TRY to keep you updated as the festivities unwind.

And, The Wiener Is…

Lonnie launches Henry

Lonnie launches Henry

Lonnie and his second wiener, Chloe

Lonnie and his second wiener, Chloe

Lonnie explains why his wiener isn't a winner!

Lonnie explains why his wiener isn’t a winner!

In our last blog post, we told you that we would have pictures of Lonnie Schuyler (organizer of The Snake Alley Festival of Film) doing strange things with his wiener. We also said that it would be family friendly and would make your kids bug you to take them to the film fest. As promised, here it is.
The first picture is Lonnie trying to launch Henry (his wiener) at the starting line of Burlington’s Annual Wiener Dog Races. As you can tell by his expression, (Lonnie’s expression, not the dog’s) this is a big deal to him. Henry, on the other hand, is looking to his right and thinking, “How can I get away from this lunatic?”

In the second picture, Lonnie is launching Chloe, his other wiener. (Yes, Lonnie has two wieners. I told you he was weird.) He handles her a bit more delicately because she’s a girl, after all. And she leaks on occasion, hence the stiff-arm launch technique.

The third photo is Lonnie explaining to Brian Hopkins that they could have been a contender “if the damn dog would’ve run straight.”

What, you ask, does this have to do with The Snake Alley festival of Film? The Wiener Races are held on the last day of the fest right around the corner from the theater. This is part of Cynapalooza, a family-themed street carnival near the theater. Your whole family will love it, and you get to kill two birds with one trip.
And, yes the models will be helping out at the wiener races, too. Also, Lonnie has added a third wiener, making him even weirder.