Congratulations to you, the filmmakers and writers whose work has been selected for the 2019 Snake Alley Festival of Film. We received so many great entries, and we couldn’t be more excited to let the world see your work.

The full film block and table read schedule can be found here.

The full daily schedule can be found here.
For those planning to attend we have some answers to your questions that will make your visit a little easier.

1. Each filmmaker or screenwriter are allowed two free all access badges. These badges get you into all SNAFF events including film blocks, table readings, special events and SNAFFterparties. Passes can either be reserved as full festival passes (all 4 days), full daily passes, or individual film blocks. 
Please contact us for discount codes if you did not get our email.

2. In addition to an event t-shirt, every filmmaker and screenwriter will receive a swag bag full of local goods.

3. Registration is located right next to the Capitol Theater (also known as the Annex). It connects to the theater, but provides a sound barrier as to not disturb the screenings and readings. Volunteers will be here before screenings to help you with anything you need.

4. The filmmaker and screenwriter’s brunch takes place at 10am on Friday, June 21 at Holly Grove Inn Bed and Breakfast, 616 Columbia St. Space is limited so please sign up here if you would like to participate. This free catered brunch is a great time to get to know each other, learn about each other’s projects, and support one another’s films. Again, please sign up here.

5. SNAFFter parties are all located in downtown Burlington and are free to attend. This is a fun time to socialize and wind down after a day of films.
Thursday we will be at Valley Monster Pub, right across the street.
Friday we will be at Wake ‘n Bake Breakfast Company on Jefferson.
Saturday we’ll head to The Washington for live music.

6. Travel — We have three nearby airports, each about an hour and half away. One is in Iowa (Cedar Rapids) and two in Illinois (Moline & Peoria). Flying into these airports is a lot easier, as far as scheduling, then flying directly into Burlington.
Burlington offers several lodging options. There are also several downtown options including a special rate at Evans’ Holly Grove Inn Bed & Breakfast, located within walking distance of our host theater. Call and mention SNAFF for availability and rates.

7. The Capitol Theater is located downtown, within a short walking distance of many restaurants, coffee shops, a great record store, and several small shops. Take advantage of our beautiful downtown and support our sponsors!

8. Lastly, if you have artwork (pre-printed posters, cards, swag, etc.) and would like to send them for display, please send to:

Snake Alley Festival of Film
1301 S. 3rd St.
Burlington Iowa 52601

You can also bring your artwork with you if you plan on attending.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at
We can’t wait to see you all for SNAFF 2019!

Snake Alley Festival of Film


SNAFF 2019 Film Block Lineup

With 131 short films screening and 6 short screenplay table reads, this years Snake Alley Festival of Film is the biggest yet!

Please note that films are not listed in playing order; they are listed alphabetically within their block. 


Thursday, June 20 – Block 1 – 12:00pm

Aksarben: Nebraska’s Racetrack – Dir. Ehren Parks

Documentary – 12 min.

A brief telling of the rise and fall of the Aksarben racetrack, one of the Midwest’s greatest institutions that is no more…


Bequeathed – Dir. Michael McCallum

Horror – 7 min.

United States

A man is given a package that his recently deceased Father wanted him to have.


Deadbolt – Dir. Michael McCallum

Drama – 21 min.

United States

Two couples are desperate to get out of the financial hole they’re in. When one suggests a burglary, it turns out to not be as easy as planned.


NDE – Dir. Rubén Jiménez

Sci-Fi / Fantasy – 15 min.


John starts seeing lights and strange objects that confuse him. His girlfriend doesn’t want to go through that situation again, so his life falls apart. But John remains apathetic and wonders what is really happening. Lucky for him, the guide always comes for who needs it.


The Pact – Dir. Natalie Medlock

Drama – 12 min.

New Zealand

Faced with a terminal diagnosis, an elderly couple makes a suicide pact but at the moment of death one betrays the other and breaks it.


Pale Luna – Dir. Doug Gerash

Horror – 9 min.

United States

A programmer discovers a horrifying secret from an old computer game.


Road Kill – Dir. Ty Trullinger

Horror – 12 min.

United States

What starts as a fun road trip, turns dark when the presence of a hitch hiker influences two young women to stop for the night at a roadside motel.

The concepts of innocence, trust, encounters with strangers, and gender roles are questioned as our two heroines, on a journey to freedom, are forced to come face-to-face with the desires of “man.”


Thursday, June 20 – Block 2 – 2:00pm

Breaking Wheel – Dir. Michael McCallum

Sci-Fi / Fantasy – 11 min.

United States

A grieving woman desperately hunts for her fiance, who vanished under abrupt and mysterious circumstances.


Cheat – Dir. Chris Tolley

Horror – 14 min.

United Kingdom

A young man’s girlfriend begins to transform into the women he has cheated on her with.


Glamorous – Dir. Ber Tkov

Documentary – 30 min.

United States

Short documentary about Drag Queens of Iowa.


Highland – Dir. Lidia Damatto Moreira

Drama – 11 min.

Brazil, United States

When a student gets involved in a hit and run while driving one night, she goes on a downward spiral of paranoia that takes her to the darkest places of her mind.


Life on the Ledge – Dir. Marc Kornblatt

Documentary – 14 min.


In this short documentary filmed in Israel, two laughing doves nesting outside his window capture the heart and imagination of a man mourning the recent passing of his mother.


Pa’lante – Dir. Kristian Mercado Figueroa

Music Videos – 8 min.

United States
Music video for Hurray For The Riff Raff’s “Pa’lante”.


Thursday, June 20 – Block 3 – 4:00pm

The 8th Year of the Emergency – Dir. Maureen Towey

Drama – 13 min.

United States

Eight years into Lil’s struggle with Alzheimer’s, a visit from her family inspires an ecstatic moment of clarity.


Break Room – Dir. Mitchell Keeran, Anthony Piscopo

Comedy – 7 min.

United States

Two coworkers exchange daily pleasantries over subpar chicory coffee but soon discover a dark, mutual secret.


The Chrysalis – Dir. Matt Kravitsky

Horror – 26 min.

United States

Two sisters with vastly different life experiences get snowed into a warehouse where they form a relationship with a mysterious runaway.


Embody the Homicide – Dir. Seth Jacobs

Horror- 11 min.

United States

After a group of friends go looking for a dead body in the woods and discover there is a mysterious killer, one returns to even the score.


Handle with Care – Dir. Nate Jones

Action – 6 min.

United States

An ex-con is taken hostage by an old pen-pal who is ready to ink one last letter…in blood.


Like! – Dir. Bret Royer, Anthony Ryan Miller

Comedy – 3 min.

A man’s life is turned upside down by his love of memes.


Re-Home – Dir. Izzy Lee

Horror – 7 min.

United States

In the near future, the U.S.-Mexico border wall has been completed and the high cost of living has skyrocketed. As a result, loved ones are re-homed like pets.


Something Like Loneliness – Dir. Seth Epstein, Ben Epstein

Drama – 13 min.

United States

Upstairs-downstairs neighbors barter sounds captured in food storage containers. With the sounds come fragments of past relationships and the hopes and disappointments that remain.


Thursday, June 20 – Block 4 – 6:00pm

Bennifer – Dir. Ryan McGlade

Horror – 13 min.

United States

Jed’s family isn’t how he remembered it.


Evelyn x Evelyn – Dir. Eric Pumphrey

Drama – 13 min.

United States

Set in 1956, an African American couple struggles with the death of their child.

With Evelyn, her depression is dramatized and amplified by the use of an ever-increasing Greek chorus (played by multiple African American women). As her sorrow grows, so do the amount of women representing her emotions.

Charles, grieving himself, attempts to console and nurture Evelyn. It proves impossible and ultimately we see Evelyn’s fate echoed in Charles.


Fuck You – Dir. Anette Sidor

Foreign – 14 min.


Alice is together with Johannes but she doesn’t have enough space to be herself. On a night out with friends, she steals a strap-on and challenges her boyfriend’s thoughts about girls. Everyone thinks Alice goes too far but she doesn’t give in to group pressure. Johannes gets curious about Alice’s new side and together they discover something new about themselves.


Just Me. – Dir. Darcy J Bahensky

Drama – 14 min.

United States

A young mother interviews for her dream job, but she struggles to overcome the pitfalls of intergenerational poverty.


Lowland Kids – Dir. Sandra Winther

Documentary – 22 min.

United States

As climate change erases the Louisiana coast, the last two teenagers on Isle de Jean Charles fight to stay on an island that’s been their family home for generations.


Slick Jimmy’s Incident – Dir. Jehad N. Al-Khateeb

Comedy – 9 min.

United States

Time ticks away in a despairingly average diner as Jack, an eccentric vegetarian, tries to muster the courage to leave his hometown for good.


Thursday, June 20 – Block 5 – 8:00pm

Bug Bite – Dir. Emily Ann Ann Hoffman

Comedy – 7 min.

United States

In this mixed media comedy, a young woman and a female bed bug form an unlikely bond while contending with toxic masculinity.


Deep Tissue – Dir. Meredith Alloway

Horror – 8 min.

United States

Two strangers meet under mysterious means and discover they share a mutual fetish.


Gwilliam – Dir. Brian Lonano

Horror – 5 min.

United States

A recently released criminal is looking for a good time. He can forget his sins but he can never forget…Gwilliam.


Gwilliam’s Tips For Turning Tricks Into Treats – Dir. Brian Lonano

Horror – 3 min.

United States

This is what you wanted! Gwilliam is back and offers some tips for getting special treats this Halloween.


It’s Not Custard – Dir. Kate McCoid

Comedy – 6 min.

United Kingdom

It’s Not Custard is the darkly comic story of Louise, a teenager suffering the dual blows of unrelenting acne and continual bullying, at home from her cruel older sister Jennifer, and at school from Wayne.

She wishes to quiet those who bother her, to cease their teasing and she is presented with such an opportunity when she awakes to find her acne gone.

This magical gift has a bizarre consequence that grants her the most delicious of revenges.


The Obliteration of the Chickens – Dir. Izzy Lee

Horror – 3 min.

United States

The universe does not care. The abyss is stupid. Narrated by author Bracken MacLeod, this Herzog-inspired fever dream uses 100% stock footage to reflect on the banality of existence.


Right Place, Wrong Tim – Dir. Eros Vlahos

Horror – 6 min.

United Kingdom

An Essex-set 90s sitcom is taken over by clones of the lead actor and descends into a bloodbath.


Supine – Dir. Nicole Goode

Horror – 25 min.

Czech Republic

Sylvie is a taxidermist content with being isolated from people in her large house in the mountains of France- her only company is her work. That is until Oz, an American hitchhiker stumbles upon her path. The two become close and Sylvie begins to question what it means to live.


TiCK – Dir. Ashlea Wessel

Horror – 12 min.


In a post-pandemic society, a vampire in hiding is forced to make a stand when confronted with the oppressive regime who kidnapped and enslaved her family.


The Video Store Commercial – Dir. Cody Kennedy, Tim Rutherford

Horror – 4 min.


A desperate video store owner hires a crew to shoot a commercial in his shop. But when they accidentally destroy a cursed VHS, suddenly, all their lives are in danger.- and worse yet, the commercial may never get finished…



Friday, June 21 – Block 1 – 12:00pm

7A – Dir. Zachary Russell

Drama – 10 min.


A woman recording a video in her apartment is interrupted by a maintenance worker and forced into a precarious situation. Crafted masterfully by Zachary Russell, 7A is a genre-bending film that leaves you gasping for air.


Burglar Night – Dir. Chenyang Shu

Comedy – 8 min.

United States

Two buglers tries to steal from a old single lady, The lady’s husband just died a few weeks ago. They broke into the house. The old lady is sleeping in front of the TV with her eyes open. They search the house and find a inflatable doll with the husband’s photo on the face. When they go to the bathroom they find the husband’s corpse in the bathtub with green liquid covering the it. They find a lot of jewelries. Everything goes smoothly until one of the buglers takes the jewelries off the corpse’s face and wakes up the zombie.


Hymn of Hate – Dir. Matt Kennard

Drama – 11 min.

United Kingdom

Set in No Man’s Land at The Somme during the early Spring of 1916, Hymn of Hate is a poignant and never more relevant film, made to coincide with the centenary of the end of the Great War.


Jane – Dir. Mitchell Keeran

Horror – 10 min.

United States

An enthusiastic freshman, Sidney, is excited to be joining a sorority called Sigma Kappa. The girls love Sidney, but insist that she go through the same initiation that everyone else did to get into the sisterhood; by attempting to summon the ghost of a bullied girl who died years ago at the college.


Meet Jerry – Dir. Hannah Corns

Documentary – 20 min.

United States

Documentary of Jerry Smith who grew up in the Great Depression, fought in World War 2, became a successful business owner, and constantly helps out anyone and everyone in need.


Peregrination – Dir. Lewayne L. White

Comedy – 6 min.

United States

A couple friends, a stolen car, hot pursuit, and pudding…


A Ride Around Historic North Hill: Burlington, Iowa – Dir. Russ Fry

Documentary – 25 min.

United States

Take a ride around Burlington, Iowa’s historic North Hill and see what it looks like now and what it looked like in years gone by.


Friday, June 21 – Block 2 – 2:00pm

Chateau Sauvignon: terroir – Dir. D.M. Night Maire

Horror – 13 min.

United States

Chateau Sauvignon: terroir’ follows the isolated adolescent son of a storied vintner family who finds himself torn between obeying his father’s callous restrictions and preventing his ailing mother from deteriorating further. When a doting woman and her indifferent son arrive seeking a tasting and tour of the winery, Nicolas sees an opportunity to help care for his mother, as well as prove his worth to his choleric father. However, his wayward plan quickly takes a turn for the worse, and his missteps puts his family’s secretive murderous ways in peril of being unearthed.


Fear No Evil – Dir. Jon Dziuk

Horror – 1 min.

United States

A boy faces fear.



Comedy – 4 min.

United States

It is the year 2021, 3 days since the beginning of the mysterious animal apocalypse. The last human just died. The animals are running shit now.


Metronome (in time) – Dir. Scott Floyd Lochmus

Drama – 13 min.

United States

In this wordless fable, an elderly ailing maestro and a young piano prodigy venture out of their musical isolation in hopes of selling their beloved piano.


Throats Will Be Cut – Dir. Joshua Thomas

Drama – 6 min.

United States

Mother is angry.


Through My Eyes – Dir. Sujit Singh

Documentary – 28 min

United States

A disability simulation documentary in which individuals with disabilities guide able-bodied people through an afternoon in their shoes to gain an understanding and appreciation for the challenges they overcome each day.


Water Horse – Dir. Sarah Wisner, Sean Temple

Horror – 7 min.

United States

A secluded family encounters a dreadful presence emerging from the water.


Where You Belong – Dir. Eric Lang

Music Videos – 4 min.

United States

Evandale performs their song “Where You Belong”.



Friday, June 21 – Block 3 – 6:00pm

Chain – Dir. Christopher Reith

Horror – 19 min.

United Kingdom

A man’s dull and repetitive walk home down an ominous series of corridors transform into a terrifying labyrinth plagued by monstrous creatures and barbaric traps.


Guns Found Here – Dir. David Freid

Documentary – 10 min.

United States

An American paper trail.

When there’s a gun crime in America, there’s only one place to go to trace the gun back to its owner: Martinsburg, West Virginia. That’s where the ATF’s National Tracing Center handles roughly 8,000 active traces per day — all while inside a government-mandated technology time-capsule that makes searching a database of gun owners impossible. This is nothing like those cop shows you watch. With more gun stores in the U.S.A. than McDonalds, Starbucks, and supermarkets combined, there’s a lot of paperwork to manually sort through. And it’s truly a sight to behold.


Low Self Esteem – Dir. Mikeal Burgin

Drama – 3 min.

United States

Ellie is caught in the middle of an ongoing tryst with a man who is already committed to another woman. Suffering from a poor opinion of herself already, Ellie decides to end the relationship on the advice of her counselor. Unfortunately, Ellie may have misunderstood exactly what “ending it” truly means.


Other Side of the Box – Dir. Caleb Phillips

Drama – 15 min.

United States

A couple receives a mysterious package from an old friend.


The Program – Dir. Michael Elliott Dennis

Comedy – 14 min.

United States

A down and out store clerk discovers a series of self-help videotapes.



Documentary – 15 min.


A traffic separating device is installed in the middle of Stockholm. It is supposed to keep normal cars away and only let buses pass. It turns into a disaster as normal cars continue to go there and hundreds of cars get destroyed every week. Tragic and funny situations occur and we follow the whole mess of human failures.


Whistle Boys – Dir. Justin Norman

Comedy – 7 min.

United States

A crime-stopping whistle boy unexpectedly meets a new patrol partner.



Friday, June 21 – Block 4 – 8:00pm

The Derby – Dir. Remington Smith

Documentary – 14 min.

United States

Following the haves and the have-nots during Kentucky Derby weekend via on-location interviews from varied perspectives, The Derby explores unseen sides of Kentucky’s biggest sporting event.

From an anonymous reveler on Millionaires Row, to Guatemalan equine workers supporting their relatives, the film offers a thoughtful yet fun peek beyond the mint juleps and fancy hats and into the heart of the fastest two minutes in sports.


The Do It Up Date – Dir. Emily Ting, Andrew Barchilon

Comedy – 5 min.

United States

Kip and Shayla go on a big date!


Manila is Full of Men Named Boy – Dir. Andrew Stephen Lee

Drama – 21 min.


Manila, July 7, 2009. As Michael Jackson’s televised funeral plays throughout the country despite terrorist attacks in the south, an estranged son purchases a child who can drink and smoke to impress his father. However, when the patriarch and his friends embrace the new child as one of their own, the question must be asked: what determines who is more valuable of attention?


November 1st – Dir. Charlie Manton

Drama – 24 min.

A mother and daughter travel across the state to witness a long overdue execution.


Rosalina – Dir. Fredrik S. Hana

Foreign – 20 min.


Vinny is at the top of the criminal underworld with unlimited access to whatever he desires. But in wake of his 50th birthday party his illusions of true love crumble, paving way for all his long hidden insecurities and filling his heart with rage and fury.


Weezer – High as a Kite – Dir. Nathan Presley

Music Videos – 4 min.

United States

Welcome to Mr Rivers’ Neighborhood.


Wild Love – Dir. Paul AUTRIC, Quentin CAMUS, Léa GEORGES, Maryka LAUDET, Zoé SOTTIAUX, Corentin YVERGNIAUX

Horror – 6 min.


While on a romantic getaway, Alan and Beverly cause a fatal accident. This crime won’t remain unpunished…



Saturday, June 22 – Block 1 – 10:00am

Bishop Briggs – Baby – Dir. Malia James

Music Videos – 3 min.

United Kingdom

Seed Animation have produced a music video for popular US singer songwriter Bishop Briggs. The video features Bishop and her boyfriend in a trippy love story, exploring the obsessions and passions that help to define their relationship.


CERULIA – Dir. Sofia Carrillo

Animation – 13 min


An Eerie fable about a young woman´s repressed memories luring her back to her childhood home.


A Double Life – Dir. Studio Job, Joris & Marieke

Animation – 2 min.

A deliciously dark comedy about a husband and wife whose different ideas of gender conformity lead to an unexpected confrontation.


Emily – Dir. Marlies van der Wel

Animation – 7 min.


Emily is an animated short about, love, self-fulfilment and taking charge of your own destiny.

The eight-minute film, directed and animated by Dutch animator Marlies van der Wel (1984), introduces you to an elderly florist, Emily (80). Looking back at her life and all the flowers she’s dealt, she reminisces about the people she’s met and the choices she’s made. Her garden has always been her refuge, her safe haven, hidden away from the world and out of sight for other people.

After a lifetime devoted to botanical life, having kind-heartedly handed out flowers, when the favour is returned and it’s her time to receive a bouquet, she finds peace with her chosen path.


Expend – Dir. Bismark Fernandes

Animation – 3 min.

United States

A stop-motion film about a man’s endless hunt for elusive energy sources in a decaying world.


Harls – Dir. Kenzie Sutton

Animation – 2 min.

United States

A guy named Harls keeps getting reincarnated.


In the House of Paper Flowers – Dir. Anita George

Animation 7 min.

United States

In a house covered with papery flowers, a woman with white hair, two cats and a tiny wolf songstress learns a valuable lesson about the enduring power of love.


OBON – Dir. Andre Hörmann, Samo

Documentary – 15 min.


Akiko Takakura is one of the last survivors of the atomic bomb explosion of Hiroshima. During Obon she receives the spirits of her parents and is haunted by memories. Akiko’s childhood consists of constant rejections and beatings. Finally Akiko experiences fatherly love in the midst of Hiroshima’s ruins.


Orbit – Dir. Tess Martin

Animation – 6 min.


Spinning drawings guide us along the flow of energy through our planet, and let us ponder our place in the natural cycle.


PLAY-DOHN’T – Dir. Reace Thorne

Animation – 2 min.

United States

A Play-Doh snake meets his doom right after gaining consciousness.


Samuel the Sentient Sphere – Dir. Hayden R. Froehlich

Animation – 5 min.

United States

Samuel enjoys his life in the whiteboard, helping a student with homework, until one day when he sees a cookie outside on the desk that he desperately tries to reach.


Sea Dogs – Dir. Spencer Loucks

Animation – 5 min.

United States

A wacky cast of kooky canines sail the seas for fun and adventure.


The Spirit Seam – Dir. Ashley Gerst

Animation – 14 min.

United States

The Spirit Seam is a short animated film about a little girl, Pollywog, and her Pap-Paw. Located in an Appalachain coal-mining town in the 1950s, the film takes the audience through the daily life of both characters. At the start of the film, the characters eat breakfast together and then travel to their respective locations- Pollywog is dropped off at school, and Pap-Paw clocks into work at the Hiraethsburg coal mine. Throughout the film they experience the simple pleasures of rural Appalachian life: catching fireflies, fishing, catching frogs, and birthdays.

Pap-Paw and Pollywog’s bond is incredibly strong. In fact, they are inseparable until illness threatens to fracture their small family.


Under Covers – Dir. Michaela Olsen

Animation – 7 min.

United States

On the night of a lunar eclipse, we uncover the sweet, salacious, and spooky secrets of a small town. From a pigtailed psychopath to naughty nuns and everything in between, this stop motion animated film conjures a comforting thought: that weird is relative.


War For Keyboard Warriors – Dir. Lam Can-zhao

Animation – 2 min.


The Keyboard Warrior seeks to use the power imbued in his ‘weapon’ to effect death and destruction upon his foes. In essence, the keyboard allows the keyboard warrior to manifest his true warrior nature in a safe and removed environment, from which no real-life repercussions.



Saturday, June 22 – Block 2 – 12:00pm

Candy Addict – Dir. Reace Thorne

Comedy – 36 min.

United States

A 20 year old man resorts to eating candy to avoid growing up and accepting reality.


Cultivation: Writing and Wrestling in Iowa City – Dir. Nathan McNurlen

Documentary – 24 min.

United States

In April 2018, Iowa City hosted two every different international events in the same week. Cultivation explores what makes Iowa City the center of the writing and wrestling universes and how the two arts are similar.


Loop – Dir. Alexandra Moad

Drama, Horror – 4 min.

United States

The conscious and subconscious collide to create a confusing, sleepless night.


Suncatcher – Dir. Parker Croft

Drama – 12 min.

United States

For months Kira has been living out of her car in Venice, California. Facing a constant struggle to keep her head above water, Kira’s world collapses when she returns home from work one evening to find her car stolen. Vulnerable and alone, Kira must navigate the harrowing uncertainty of a night on the streets. Featuring the world famous poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi, as translated by Coleman Barks in its first cinematic adaptation, Suncatcher is a piercing exploration of mindfulness in the face of crisis. A haunting meditation that captures both the stunning beauty, and perilous isolation, of life on the fringes of Los Angeles’s coastal westside.


Teacher’s Lounge – Dir. Josh Mruz

Horror – 15 min.

United States

Teacher’s Lounge is an ensemble horror short film about a sadistic ritual new teachers must partake in on the first day of school.



Saturday, June 22 – Block 3 – 2:00pm

All Inclusive – Dir. Corina Schwingruber Ilić

Documentary – 10 min.


Under the spell of mass entertainment on the high seas.


The Chop – Dir. Jennifer Sheridan

Comedy – 1 min.

United Kingdom

Terry’s done a bad thing, but why?


The Man In Purple: Norman Baker – Dir. Chad T. Bishop

Drama – 45 min.

United States

“Man in Purple” tells the true story of the one and only Norman G. Baker. Baker was born in Muscatine in 1892 and raised to be an entrepreneur from an early age. Norman was known for the fantastic nature of his plans and inventions, including calliaphones, radio stations, and finding a cure for cancer. His “cure” for cancer was an attack on the standard medical practices of his era and an early pre-cursor to holistic wellness practices and alternative illness treatments. The man was a fascinating piece of history, who made waves on the radio that were a precursor to modern-day personalities, such as Howard Stern. You couldn’t make up this story if you tried…


No Reply – Dir. Michael Huntington

Horror – 9 min.

United States

A Sadistic serial killer is virtually stalking his prey. Not even going off line can save you.


Outdooring – Dir. Maxwell Addae

Drama – 15 min.

United States

A young man arrives at his sister’s baby naming ceremony to steal the money collected from family/friends in order to run away and keep a personal secret hidden.


Tea Party – Dir. Kevin Isaacson

Horror – 8 min.

United States

A Southern belle hosts a twisted tea party for the very classmates who tortured her in high school.



Saturday, June 22 – Block 4 – 6:00pm

ETERNITY – Dir. Anna Sobolevska

Drama – 23 min.


2058. Corporations digitize the souls of the dying and place them in the digital world

beyond the grave forever. Young guy Ian is strongly against digitalizing. The sudden car crash, makes Ian go against his principles. He wants to bring back to life his wife, who is in a coma after the accident.


Happily Ellie After: Low Self Esteem 2 – Dir. Mikeal Burgin

Drama – 10 min.

United States

Ellie’s search for love leads back to her counselor, Dr Earl Straum, whose support of her decision to end a relationship with a married man takes a very dark turn.


La Bête – Dir. Filippo Meneghetti

Horror – 18 min.


A village far away in time and land. Nearby, in a forest thought to be haunted, a child falls into a pit. His grandfather, an old and nearly blind shepherd, tries to convince the villagers to go rescue him, facing the darkness of the night and their fears…


The Separated – Dir. Jeremy Raff

Documentary – 17 min.

United States

On June 13, 2018, Honduran asylum-seeker Anita and her five-year-old son, Jenri, were forcibly separated at the U.S.-Mexico border. Thanks to a pro bono lawyer, Jodi Goodwin, who aggressively advocates for their release from their respective ICE detention centers, Anita and Jenri are reunited after a month apart. But the damage has been done. The Separated, a new documentary from The Atlantic, is an intimate window into the chaos and trauma caused by the separation. “You don’t love me anymore,” Jenri says to Anita after they arrive at a temporary shelter. “You’re not my mom anymore.”


S3RIAL – Dir. Michael E. Berg

Drama 23 min.

United States

A lowly beat cop canvasses a barbershop for leads to an unsolved murder and finds the killer — only he doesn’t know it.

Saturday, June 22 – Block 5 – 8:00pm

BadBadNotGood “I Don’t Know” feat. Samuel T. Herring – Dir. Will Mayer

Music Videos – 4 min.

United States

A film about my personal experience with the five stages of grief.


Bronzed – Dir. Mike Egan

Comedy – 11 min.

United States

Executive produced by David Gordon Green and Dal Wolf, ‘Bronzed’ is a dark comedy short starring Linas Phillips and Johnny Pemberton.

In the film, Martin, a neo-sun worshiper, prepares a ceremony of ritual human slaughter to satisfy the solar Gods. Now he only needs two things to fulfill his twisted theology: A sacrificial lamb and a spray tan. And lucky for Martin, airbrush technicians make house calls.


Chowboys: An American Folktale – Dir. Astron-6

Comedy – 8 min.


Three idiots are lost in the woods on the coldest night of the year.


Deep Dive – Dir. Mohammad Soleimanifeijani

Sci-Fi / Fantasy – 6 min.

United States

In the near future, everyone sees the city through their own set of augmented reality contact lenses. Through these digital screens, it is possible for them to curate their experience of the world, – just like an online network bubble that has become part of the physical world. Here a young Persian refugee arrives at the border of Los Angeles and is given a mandatory set of government-issued immigrant transition AR lenses. Shut out of other people’s reality she slowly descends into a new form of digital alienation.


The Gravel Hunter – Dir. John Richard

Documentary – 7 min.

United States

Portrait of an Iowa man who combines his love of gravel road cycling and black powder rifle hunting.


Lockdown – Dir. Logan George, Celine Held

Drama – 12 min.

United States

Struggling with feelings for her best friend, 14 year-old Marie stages an almost perfect plan.


The Office of Missing Children – Dir. Michael I Schiller

Documentary – 6 min.

United States

More than 2,600 kids were separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border under President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” family separation policy. What happened to those children? Reveal’s investigative reporting team looked at facilities across the country to answer that question.

This non-fiction animated short is the story of one mother whose child was taken from her.


The Orphan – Dir. Carolina Markowicz

Foreign – 15 min.


Jonathas has been adopted but then returned due to his ‘different’ way. Inspired by true events.


Washed Away – Dir. Ben Kallam

Drama – 12 min.

United States

A teenage girl in an evangelical church youth group must deal with the fallout when her trust is publicly betrayed.


Wild – Dir. Tanvi Gandhi

Music Videos – 4 min.


The city of Bombay is littered with faces, with infinite stories. Imagine all the things we gloss over, all the faces we ignore, and one starts to wonder what lies beneath the surface?

The music Video for “Wild” tells the story of the lives of the Mops that reside in our society. Often ostracized, or discarded, the Mops of mumbai live just like people do. They drive our taxis, get their hair cut, even party the same way. Following the lives of the mops, we see characters of all shapes and sizes, be it a wealthy mop, or from the mops of days passed, we see the daily lives, guilty pleasures, even the relaxing moments they enjoy.

The video takes on a rather dark comedic take on the lives of mops in our society. From being bullied, to owning their own history, the song Wild takes us on an innocent journey through a different lens.



Sunday, June 23 – Block 1 – 11:00am

Fork Tongue – Dir. Insane Mike Saunders, Jason Bolinger

Music Videos – 2 min.

United States

Music video for the band X-Ray Mary’s song “Fork Tongue” done in the style of a 70’s porn parody.


The Ghost in Her – Dir. Michael G. White

Drama – 13 min.

United States

Alex, a middle aged record store owner, has to come to terms with who he has become when a women from his past comes into his store.


Heroes of Fairfield 1830s – 1860s – Dir. Dick DeAngelis

Documentary – 42 min.

United States

This historic documentary tells the story of the people in this small southeastern Iowa town during the 1830s to the 1860s. Their brave stories, especially regarding the Underground Railroad activities, are uncovered through deep research by local and state historians.


The Holy and the Profane – Dir. Alexandra Moad, Evan Runkle

Comedy – 12 min.

United States

After the Second Coming of Christ, hip 22-year-old Lily finds herself involved with Jesus and the Anti-Christ. What could go wrong?


A Talk With The Devil – Dir. Dylan Jaeger

Horror – 7 min.

United States

Jackie’s past comes back to haunt him in this short thriller “A Talk With The Devil”.


White Flash – Dir. Amanda Bean

Sci-Fi / Fantasy – 12 min.

United States

Vampires steal a cops dog, she is sent on a mission to get her dog back.



Sunday, June 23 – Block 2 – 1:00pm

Darshan – Blessings of Saints – Dir. Burt Chojnowski

Documentary – 39 min.


Intimate conversations with holy men and women in Rishikesh and Northern India including babas, swami’s and yogis. It includes a visit to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram on the 50th anniversary of the Beatles visit to Rishikesh to practice Transcendental Meditation.


Haunting the Haunted – Dir. John Gigrich

Horror – 6 min.

United States

The crew of a haunted house try to find a teenage trouble making ghost, even though they’re not sure if she’ll talk their ears off or rip their limbs off.


Knee High – Dir. Marissa Vonn

Drama – 13 min.

United States

Set against the Iowa farmlands, KNEE HIGH follows Calvin Melbourne as he struggles to keep hold of the reins to the family farm while still making time for his young son, Avery.


Note to Self – Dir. Justin Norman

Drama – 9 min.

United States

A man makes a desperate attempt to fix his life by sending a message to his former self.


Revenge of the Blind Dead – Dir. Insane Mike Saunders, Jason Bolinger

Horror – 4 min.

United States

In 1972 Amando de Ossorio began his Blind Dead film series with Tomb of the Blind Dead. In 2018 Prescribed Films makes the end all be all Blind Dead movie with their inculpable twisted sense of humor. Where can you run? Where can you hide from the slow-moving blind zombies? Literally anywhere.


Special Delivery – Dir. Eric Lang

Comedy – 12 min.

United States

When Corey opens a package addressed to his girlfriend, he finds himself in a situation that must be handled with care.


Sticks and Stones – Dir. Chris Hutton

Comedy – 6 min.

United States

A bowler and a film geek learn that words *can* hurt them.



Sunday, June 23 – Block 3 – 3:00pm

Amazing Grace Lemonade Race – Dir. Eric Smidt

Documentary – 31 min.

United States

Grace McCunn, at age 10, was diagnosed with chronic daily migraines and spent several days at a children’s hospital. When she left, she was determined to give back. What started as a lemonade stand, turned into thousands of dollars in philanthropy. This is her story.


Bob and Edgar – Dir. Bill Redding

Comedy – 11 min.

United States

Bob and his dog Edgar go fishing, go for walks, and hang out, until a pair of surprise visitors reveal more about Bob’s identity.


Fairy Tail – Dir. Justin & Kristin Schaack

Comedy – 4 min.

United States

A hopeless romantic discovers an unlikely intruder and finds love at first fight.

Suspense… Romance… Puppets!


Flip-Flop – Dir. Nolan Quade

Action – 4 min.

United States

A young boy who feels alone picks up his pieces and finds love for himself when no one else does.


Life In Miniature – Dir. Ellen Evans

Documentary – 4 min.

United Kingdom

Kath Holden is an artist of the everyday. Inspired by the world around her, Kath’s creations are whimsical yet keenly observed, and a far cry from the genteel museum pieces that her contemporaries are producing. A working-class woman from Yorkshire, Kath reflects on her life and art as she carves a place for herself in the precious world of miniatures.


Love Is Wild – Dir. Michael McCallum

Music Videos – 2 min.

United States

A music video for singer/songwriter, Jen Sygit, by award-winning writer/actor/director Michael McCallum about the different faces of love.


Mother of All Time – Dir. P Sam Kessie, Lane M Wooder

Music Videos – 4 min.

United States

An experimental dance project that explores the relationship between time, space, dance, and music. This was the first of it’s kind to combine choreographed dance, hyperlapse presentation, and Drama camera movement. The piece shows how a person’s interpretation of time can affect their perception of movement.


Off the Hook – Dir. Nolan Quade

Action 1 min.

United States

A boy wants to set his fish free, but his mother told him not to leave the house. The boy breaks her rules but only to save his friend.


Philophobic – Dir. David M. Weiss

Music Videos – 4 min

United States

A sasquatch falls in love, only to have his spirits crushed again.


Welcome to the Ball – Dir. Adam Vincent Wright

Drama – 4 min.

United States

A child learns sign language in hopes of making a new friend.


Yours are Mine – Dir. Brooke Trantor

Drama – 8 min.

United States

Evin takes on a new high school student to tutor, Ally, and they quickly develop a close, sisterly relationship. After accidentally discovering Ally’s struggle with bulimia, Evin is quickly triggered by her own past battles with eating disorders. Evin tries to confront Ally to help her, and must decide to either fight through Ally’s defensive tactics to get the help she needs, or leave her to possibly fight this disease for years to come.



Each short screenplay finalist will have a hosted table read with local talent organized by JoJo Johnson.

Friday, June 21 – 4:00 PM

CLARK by Dave Stuck
A man who shares a famous name attracts the occasional smile or joke…but sometimes much more.  This is a short film with 6 speaking parts with 5 interior shots: an airport ticket counter, a hotel lobby, hotel restaurant, hallway to room door, and an office breakroom.

LOW SELF ESTEEM 3 by Mikeal Burgin
Ellie is confronted by the jealous ex-girlfriend of a man she met online, as her dysfunctional search for love continues.

TIME by Mike Jones & Seth Diewold
Ralph and Rosita meet in a chance encounter and share a moment in time.


Saturday, June 22 – 4:00 PM

Ten-year-old Timmy’s older brother was buried yesterday.  Timmy’s mother is a junkie, her live-in boyfriend is a dealer, and Timmy’s only friend is a dead gerbil.  Maybe Timmy’s brilliance can fix the horrors of his life, right after he re-animates the gerbil.

THE DINNER by Ben Matthews
Three young criminals discuss business over supper, only to be interrupted by the brutal local mob boss.

UNSEEN by Jeremy Furguson
A suspenseful thriller about the dark world of sex trafficking.

And the Winner is…..


SNAFF 2018 Nominees and Winner


Best Dramatic Short


The Peculiar Abilities of Mr Mahler – Dir. Paul Philipp

Violin – Dir. Konstantin Fam

Caroline – Dir. Logan George & Celine Held

The Scorpion’s Tale – Dir. Jhosimar Vasquez

The Things You Think I’m Thinking – Sherren Lee

Winner – The Peculiar Abilities of Mr Mahler – Dir. Paul Philipp


Best Comedy Short


Rag Dolls – Dir. Justin & Kristin Schaack

IDOL – Dir. Luisa Taraz

Sexpert Franzen – Dir. Kaitlyn Busbee

Robo Greaser – Dir. Dakota Arseneault

Pronto – Dir. Da’Shawne Smiley

Winner – IDOL – Dir. Luisa Taraz


Best Documentary Short


The Terrorist Hunter – Dir. Ann Shin

Death Metal Grandma – Dir. Leah Galant

My Dead Dad’s Porno Tapes – Dir. Charlie Tyrell

A Different Script – Dir. Frencesca Carter & Eva Anderson

Santa Ana – Dir. César Pesquera

Winner – The Terrorist Hunter – Dir. Ann Shin


Best Horror Short


Hair Wolf – Dir. Mariama Diallo

Fortune-teller – Dir. Gonzaga Manso

Father – Dir. Chris Keller

Alice – Dir. Daniel M. Caneiro

An American Attorney in London – Dir. Darrell Alden

Winner – Hair Wolf – Dir. Mariama Diallo


Best Action Short


Not Alone – Dir. Summer Medina

A Boy A Girl A Pen – Dir. Nolan Quade

Winner – Not Alone – Dir. Summer Medina


Best Animated Short


The Burden – Dir. Niki Lindroth von Bahr

Bei Mir Bist Du Schön – Dir. Bouwine Pool

Hate for Sale – Dir. Anna Eijsbouts

From the Snow-Covered Hill – Dir. Matty Jorissen & Wijnand Driessen
Sand Wanderer – Dir. Eric Giessmann

Winner – The Burden – Dir. Niki Lindroth von Bahr


Best Music Video


Heartbeat – Pierre Teulieres

Drunk on What – Kyle Louis Numann

A Big Part of a Big Sun – Dir. AB/CD/CD

Time Machine – Jay Pelzer

Winner – Heartbeat – Pierre Teulieres


Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy Short


The Manual – Dir. Wil Magness

Let Them Die Like Lovers – Dir. Jesse Atlas

Salient Minus Ten – Dir. Emma Dark

Prenatal – Dir. Bears Fonte

Redshift – Dir. Benjamin Crane

Winner – The Manual – Dir. Wil Magness


Best Foreign Short


Tell Me – Dir. Charlie Manton

Babs – Dir. Celine Held & Logan George

Kap – Dir. David M. Weiss

Long Distance Relationship – Dir. Caroline Markowicz

Damnation – Dir. Marc Nadal

Winner – Tell Me – Dir. Charlie Manton


Best Student Short


A Different Script – Dir. Francesca Carter

Tell Me – Dir. Charlie Manton

Night Call – Dir. Amanda Renee Knox

The Liberty – Dir. Jill Sachs
Life – Dir. Lee Hansol

Winner – A Different Script – Dir. Francesca Carte


Audience Choice Award

Winner – A Boy A Girl A Pen – Dir. Nolan Quade


Best Iowa Made Short


Sexpert Franzen – Dir. Kaitlyn Busbee

Good Earth: Awakening the Silent City – Dir. Kelly Rundle

Undertow – Dir. Jack Meggers

East Meets West – Dir. Julie Johnston

Marieke – Dir. Thomas C. Johnson

Winner – Sexpert Franzen – Dir. Kaitlyn Busbee


The Writers Block for Best Short Screenplay


Before Charlie by Amit Koul

High Stakes by Andrew Wassom

Midnight Especial by Farzad Ahmadi

Mitch and Tyler: Post Apocalyptic “Pilot” by Alexander Dingeman

PRESTO by Dave Stuck

Waking North Haven by Wes Worthing

Winner – PRESTO written by Dave Stuck


The Directors Award for Outstanding Performance

The Liberty – Dir. Jill Sachs

Caroline – Dir. Logan George, Celine Held

The Scorpion’s Tale – Dir. Jhosimar Vasquez

The Things You Think I’m Thinking – Dir. Sherren Lee

Violin – Dir. Konstantin Fam

Winner – Caroline – Dir. Logan George, Celine Held


Best of the Fest


Violin – Dir. Konstantin Fam

Tell Me – Dir. Charlie Manton

The Burden – Dir. Niki Lindroth von Bahr

The Manual – Dir. Wil Magness

IDOL – Dir. Dir. Luisa Taraz

Violin – Dir. Konstantin Fam



SNAFF 2018 Screenplay Table Reads

One of the unique features of SNAFF is how we bring the short screenplay finalists to life. Each of the six finalists will have an intimate live table read with a full cast at the Capitol Theater. Actors and screenplays will be provided. All we need is you, the writers!

On Thursday, June 21 from 4:00pm-6:00pm we will feature:

Midnight Especial – Written by Farzad Ahmadi
A short script adapted from The Cinderella Legend.

Before Charlie – Written by Amit Koul
A man tries to convince himself loss doesn’t hurt.

Mitch and Tyler: Post Apocalyptic “Pilot” – Written by Alexander Dingeman
As the only two people left on Earth, all Mitch and Tyler want is something to do. However, they often end up getting themselves into trouble.

On Friday, June 22 from 4:00pm-6:00pm we will feature:

Waking North Haven – Written by Wes Worthing
A sanitation worker will find out today if he’s making the grade at being a dad as his 7 year old surprises him with a special Show & Tell.

High Stakes – Written by Andrew Wassom
A pair of dimwits attempt to thwart another duo’s late night break-in at a blood bank.

PRESTO – Written by Dave Stuck
A legendary magician is challenged by a young man in a diner to a contest. Will he put his beloved treasure on the line?


Laurels 2018

SNAFF 2018 – Film Blocks

120 short films spread across 4 days. This years SNAFF is bigger than ever!

Please note that films are listed alphabetically within each block and may not play in listed order within film blocks.
hey will play some time within the listed block.

Full schedule with screenplay table reads, tickets, and more information coming soon!

Wednesday – Film Block 1 – June 20, 12:00 pm

Citizens – Dir. Marc Nadal
Drama – 14 minutes
The lack of jobs leads citizens into an emergency situation that pits them against each other. In the face of violence and injustice citizens like Noe suffer from the absence of effective laws.

Kardon Gets a Taco – Dir. JoJo Munkee , Michael Helgens
Comedy – 7 minutes
Two humanoid space travelers, Kardon and loyal sidekick Sodon, meet up at an Earth based taco establishment to discuss matters of galactic importance. (And of course to order some amazing tacos!)

The Scary Ham – Dir. Sue Mroz
Drama – 15 minutes
Two middle-aged sisters sorting through 50 years’ worth of family memorabilia reconnect, as they contend with their late father’s beloved ham.

Someone Else’s Hero – Dir. Stephen Folker
Drama – 17 minutes
A woman confronts her own feelings of guilt when her son is killed in the war in Iraq.

Stuck – Dir. Steve Kennevan
Comedy – 33 minutes
Two people from different generations are thrown together in an unusual circumstance that elicits conflict and raises questions about modern society and how it impacts isolation, communication and the secrets we keep.

Witches of Wonder – Dir. John Gigrich
Sci-Fi / Fantasy – 6 minutes
Two young witches must figure out how to rescue their younger sister after they accidentally send her back in time.

Wednesday – Film Block 2 – June 20, 2:00 pm

A Doll Distorted – Dir. Niall Shukla
Horror – 15 minutes
United Kingdom
Jane suffers from haphephobia (the pathological fear of touch), tormented by years of loneliness and isolation she orders a synthetic love doll online to nightmarish consequences.

Good Earth: Awakening the Silent City – Dir. Kelly Rundle
Documentary – 19 minutes
“Good Earth: Awakening the Silent City” presents the fascinating story of the Good Earth at Blood Run historical and cultural site as told by a Native American grandfather to his grandchildren. Produced in 4K by Emmy-nominated documentary filmmakers Kelly & Tammy Rundle of Fourth Wall Films, the documentary combines vivid present-day views of Good Earth at Blood Run State Park’s scenic vistas and wildlife combined with Drama historical reenactments portraying daily life in the year 1650 of one of America’s largest cities. Good Earth was the ancestral home of the Omaha, Ponca, Ioway and Otoe tribes for more than two hundred years.

Last Tree Standing (nodlmfa) – Dir. Agnes Peel-McGregor
Sci-Fi / Fantasy – 29 minutes
In a bleak world of dystopia, Last Tree Standing tells the tale of a young girl named Lexie, who befriends a peculiar being – half- man, half-tree.

Once upon a dream – Dir. Anthony Nion
Foreign – 13 minutes
France When Valentin meets Ludivine, he is convinced she’s the girl he has been dreaming of for the past weeks… Literally, the girl of his dreams! Only, Ludivine has a feeling this boy meet girl scenario will take a nightmarish turn…

Pronto – Dir. Da’Shawne Smiley
Comedy – 9 minutes
Delivering food can be hard..especially when it comes with a person.

Rag Dolls – Dir. Justin & Kristin Schaack
Comedy – 4 minutes
Playtime turns into uncontrolled shenanigans when a child discovers rag dolls in an antique chest. Her imagination runs wild, but for the dolls’ real-life doppelgängers, self-control is out of their hands.

Significant Other – Dir. Justin Mackey
Drama – 9 minutes
Paul and Patricia are feeling the effects of a long marriage. Paul begins to suspect that his wife wants to find love elsewhere. He researches and finds a unique infidelity testing service. The organization, Significant Other, analyzes Patricia and creates a perfect fictional character based on her personality. An actor brings this character to life and attempts to seduce her. Paul waits for the answer to the question…..if the perfect person came along, would they remain faithful?

Wednesday – Film Block 3 – June 20, 4:00 pm

The End of the End (of the World) – Dir. Evan Runkle
Comedy – 4 minutes
The end of the world has come and gone leaving Joe, and the rest of the world, to figure out what comes next.

Eskimo Kisses – Dir. Chuck Mittan
Drama – 5 minutes
At his mother’s funeral, a man recalls moments from their past together.

Haven – Dir. Kelly Fyffe-Marshall
Drama – 3 minutes
As a young girl the first beauty salon chair a girl is introduced to is sitting between her mother’s legs. It’s a place where innocence is treasured, bonds are strengthened and confidence is boosted. Every Sunday like clockwork Janice does Jada’s hair, this is where she finds solace to confess her deepest secrets.

The Hatman – Dir. Charlie Gandez
Horror – 7 minutes
Have you ever woken up paralyzed to a stranger?

Hawkeye Creek – Dir. Russ Fry
Documentary – 23 minutes
Nothing had more to do with the way Burlington, Iowa developed than the various streams that were collectively known as Hawkeye Creek. Today, they are all but forgotten. Hawkeye Creek’s many branches cut deep ravines that separated Burlington’s neighborhoods. Take a tour of Burlington’s historic Hawkeye Creek. Watch the 2010 flood. Go down into the storm sewers. See the present and visit the past.

Oliver Short – Dir. Kevin Isaacson
Drama – 27 minutes
A troubled teenage girl, struggling with the death of her father, must help three spirits with their unfinished business on earth.

Scream Until You Like It – Dir. Brent S. Duncan, Ryan J. Gilmer
Horror – 10 minutes
Sometimes you can never go home; this Friday, can you survive the night? Keith decides to show his friends a good time and steals his dad’s van for the weekend, but while taking a short cut down an old highway the group’s ride breaks down. They’re alone – ….or are they? Stranded with nobody to turn to and no phone service, the five college students have unwittingly stumbled upon a secluded dwelling of horrors. Little do they know something is stalking them. The trick is to stay alive. Will they survive or will they scream until you like it?

Tiny Clones – Dir. Jim McDonough
Comedy – 5 minutes
Twin brothers have a heart to heart about life, the universe, and the ethics of making tiny clones of yourself.

Yes, Alz – Dir. Kevin Bradshaw
Documentary – 13 minutes
This video was created through life’s need as the Dementia/Alzheimer crises increases. Katie Neff’s mother has Alzheimer and has tips on how to deal with a loved one, friend or acquaintance that has the disease. These four tips can help you work through your contact with a person with Alzheimer.

Wednesday – Film Block 4 – June 20, 6:00 pm

Blur – Dir. Summer Medina
Drama – 2 minutes
Where reality and imagination collide. A daily struggle between nurse and patient.

The Comancheros – Time Machine – Dir. Jay Pelzer
Music Videos – 4 minutes
The Comancheros boys wake up after a long night to find they’ve ran out of the proper party supplies. They hop in their trusty and rusty old Ford truck with a plan to restock on the cheap.

Go – Dir. Eric Lang
Drama – 1 minute
A man’s life comes to a literal stop when he has to make a difficult decision.

The Mangina Exit – Dir. Byron Brown
Comedy – 4 minutes
Blake is having relationship problems. His older brother Sebastian has an unorthodox solution that has been used for generations.

Night Call – Dir. Amanda Renee Knox
Drama – 17 minutes
When on a routine patrol, a Black female cop living in and patrolling Inglewood gets called to a disturbance she is forced to make an unprecedented life altering decision.

REDSHIFT – Dir. Benjamin Crane
Drama, Sci-Fi / Fantasy – 10 minutes
After a bio-chemical attack renders earth infertile, mankind is forced to colonize mars, and mine the earth of its remaining resources. Among the miners is David Cain, who has grown tired of earth and longs for a new life. One day after the company decides to relocate to the red planet, David is given the option to transfer, or remain on earth with his family. As tension rises between him and sister as they care for their dying father, David must weigh his commitment to family and his desire for a better life.

She Came from the Woods – Dir. Erik Bloomquist, Carson Bloomquist
Horror – 12 minutes
A campfire story comes to life for a group of counselors on the last day of the summer of 1987 at Camp Briarbrook.

The Terrorist Hunter – Dir. Ann Shin
Documentary – 32 minutes
Rita Katz is a brilliant, female lone wolf in a profession dominated by men. A former spy, and now the director of SITE Intelligence – Search for International Terrorist Entities – she is no stranger to controversy. While she is credited with uncovering key information about Al Qaeda and ISIS, detractors say Katz is too eager to find terrorist plots where none exist.
Katz’s crusade comes at a time when terrorist violence and anti-Muslim sentiment are on the rise. The zeal with which she hunts terrorists matches the fear sparked by news coverage of people being gunned down at shopping malls and bombed at concerts.
THE TERRORIST HUNTER explores Rita Katz’s career and life, exposing the world of espionage with all the suspense and drama of a procedural, as well as the important historical and social information to put it in context. As the documentary reveals Rita’s own personal history, it also exposes how fear and terror play out in our society.

Third Wheel – Dir. Daniel DelPurgatorio
Horror – 4 minutes
Susan has more than just skeletons in her closet.

Thursday – Film Block 1 – June 21, 12:00 pm

Damnation – Dir. Marc Nadal
Drama, Foreign – 7 minutes
Based on real history. In 2014 there were and average of 189 evictions in Spain daily, 2 evictions every 15 minutes. This eviction was carried out at 5:00 PM.

Eskimo Brothers – Dir. Michael McCallum
Comedy – 14 minutes
A group of married couples get together for a night during the holiday. The guys are trying to get their one single friend to talk to a girl at the bar. They realize that they all have had relations with her previously.

IDOL – Dir. Luisa Taraz
Comedy – 8 minutes
The artist Loudo should have submitted a commissioned work some time ago, but he is in a blockade. When he finally – inspired by his muse – creates a masterpiece, his manager and his muse get into a violent argument over the sale of the work. Only too late Loudo realizes what role he was playing in all this.

Life Before Fairfield Iowa – Dir. Dick DeAngelis
Documentary – 44 minutes
See what happened in the area now known as Jefferson County, Iowa BEFORE the first settlers arrived. Explore the impact of the great glaciers, the movement of prehistoric beasts and the traditions and language of the native peoples of this land. This film will have you walking away with a different perspective on the place you call home, wherever that may be.

Quiver – Dir. Shayna Connelly
Horror – 13 minutes
Suzanne’s grief transcends the boundaries of the natural world and arouses a primordial being. She courts this ghost, using intellect and desire to forge a union between them. Quiver melds horror and passion with Virginia Woolf’s idea of a woman requiring a ‘room of her own’ in which to uncover her true identity. Can Suzanne force a rift into the supernatural realm to build a space where she can coexist with what haunts her?

Think Design Every Day – Dir. Mike Machian
Documentary – 6 minutes
Omaha fashion designer Buf Reynolds tells us how she got started, the inspiration for her most recent collection and what she would like to accomplish next.

Thursday – Film Block 2 – June 21, 2:00 pm

BASEMENT FEAR – Dir. Andrew Killmeier
Horror – 12 minutes
A closed loop of psychosis.

The Chocolate Shop – Dir. Ian Walker
Drama – 6 minutes
A woman with Alzheimer’s starts to remember who she is when she walks into a Chocolate Shop.

Fortune-teller – Dir. Gonzaga Manso
Horror – 20 minutes
Routine and red sausage have led Mauricio to lose things he took for granted. In an act of illogical desperation, he visits a carnival fortune-teller to try and tie up the lose ends he left along the way. With the help of her crystal ball, the fortune-teller shows him an alternate reality.

Drama – 17 minutes
The Girls Were Doing Nothing is a study into the conflicting nature of love and the human soul – our basic needs for stability, comfort and routine which clash with equality strong desires for novelty, variety and freedom. Marta and Jake are a married couple in their late 30’s. Working in senior professional positions, they are very wealthy: living together in a luxurious cosmopolitan home while spending much of their free time eating at expensive restaurants and exercising at private gyms. Their idealistic lifestyle is a grandiose means of concealing and deflecting the strains of their spousal dynamic. For Jake and Martha, communication has become an obligation; intimacy has become a rarity; and love itself has become a cliché. All of that is about to change when Andrea, their attractive and affable neighbor, asks Jake and Marta for a favor while she goes on holiday.

Marieke – Dir. Thomas C. Johnson
Documentary – 7 minutes
Marieke explores the life and craft of Marieke Penterman, acclaimed Dutch Gouda cheesemaker from Thorp, Wisconsin.

Not Alone – Dir. Summer Medina
Drama, Action – 1 minute
A short dramatization of depression in young people, with a suicide prevention message.

Drama – 29 minutes
East Germany, 1987: The special investigator Mahler is said to have paranormal abilities. The police assigns him to solve the case of the 6-year-old Henry Kiefer, who is missing for weeks now, before this issue leads to political tensions with the West. But then he brings something to light that makes this family tragedy especially political…

Thursday – Film Block 3 – June 21, 6:00 pm

A Night at The Garden – Dir. Marshall Curry
Documentary – 7 minutes
In 1939, 20,000 Americans rallied in New York’s Madison Square Garden to celebrate the rise of Nazism – an event largely forgotten from American history. A NIGHT AT THE GARDEN uses striking archival fragments recorded that night to transport modern audiences into this gathering and to shine a light on the disturbing fallibility of seemingly decent people.

Babs – Dir. Celine Held, Logan George
Foreign – 12 minutes
United Kingdom
An estranged son discovers an alarming purchase made by his late father.

I BEAT IT – Dir. Ainhoa Menéndez
Horror – 3 minutes
A dinner with friends. An innocent game. An unexpected end.

Let Them Die Like Lovers – Dir. Jesse Atlas
Sci-Fi / Fantasy – 15 minutes
A body-jumping soldier confronts the morality of her missions in this emotionally-charged sci-fi thriller.

Tell Me – Dir. Charlie Manton
Foreign – 15 minutes
United Kingdom
12-year-old Felix discovers a disturbing secret, which causes him to confront his fears.

Violin – Dir. Konstantin Fam
Drama – 35 minutes
Belarus, Czech Republic, Israel, Russian Federation
The “Violin” film entirely revolves around a unique musical instrument. It’s a story about the amazing fate of a violin that survives all the horrors of the war. The tale begins in a violin workshop where, at the beginning of the 20th century, a violin is created, designed as a gift for a Jewish boy, and ends after many years with a concert at the Wailing Wall.

Friday – Film Block 1 – June 22, 12:00 pm

An American Attorney in London – Dir. Darrell Alden
Horror – 15 minutes
United Kingdom
When a criminal defense attorney visits the US Embassy in London, his appointment with a clinical consular official leads him down a dark and uneasy path to the last place on earth he wants to be.

Calendar of the Dead – Dir. Bret Royer
Comedy – 6 minutes
Two friends are making a calendar with a zombie.

East Meets West – Dir. Julie Johnston
Documentary – 43 minutes
The story of the first railroad bridge to cross the Mississippi River in 1856.

Foreword – Dir. Michael McCallum
Sci-Fi / Fantasy – 7 minutes
A famous author is struggling to finish his next novel and discovers a postcard he has mailed to himself from the future warning of an upcoming danger.

Santa Ana – Dir. César Pesquera
Documentary – 8 minutes
The Santa Ana project aims to elucidate the link between evil and the famed Santa Ana winds. These are extremely dry down-slope winds that originate inland and affect coastal Southern California and northern Baja California.
The Santa Ana winds are commonly portrayed in fiction as being responsible for a tense, uneasy, wrathful mood among Angelenos. Some of the more well-known literary references include the Philip Marlowe story Red Wind by Raymond Chandler, and Joan Didion’s Slouching Towards Bethlehem.

Toilet Man – Dir. Chenyang Shu
Comedy – 8 minutes
A superhero born in a toilet.

XIN (Heart) – Dir. Desha Dauchan
Drama – 12 minutes
Xin (“heart” in Mandarin) is the story of a woman haunted by the ghost of her mother after being her caregiver and watching her succumb to Atypical Parkinson’s Disease. With the help of her therapist, she tries to gain clarity on the nature of the hauntings. Are they a product of her grief and guilty conscience? Or are the hauntings truly urging her to perform the ultimate act of violence against her own father. Xin is a psychological drama/horror about surrender, grief and healing.

Friday – Film Block 2 – June 22, 2:00 pm

A Different Script – Dir. Francesca Carter , Eva Andersen
Documentary – 29 minutes
Twenty-year-old Chris Lopes is finally on the pathway to his dream of becoming a professional actor, but as a young man with Down syndrome, he is still struggling to achieve independence in his personal life. Chris lands a Hollywood agent and auditions for one big role that he hopes will be his big ticket to fame. All the while, his family worries about the practicality of his dreams and his desire to move to LA and live on his own. This documentary captures the heart of a young man who never gives up and reveals how acting has not only changed Chris’ life but is giving him an unexpected path toward independence. Through Chris’ story, A Different Script explores the global disability rights movement by focusing on the fair representation of people with developmental disabilities in the entertainment industry and the unique challenges they face in their careers and personal lives.

Alice – Dir. Daniel M. Caneiro
Horror – 10 minutes
Alice is under the dining table, curled up in the shadows, alone and with a big kitchen knife in her hands. At her side, a few meters away, is the lifeless body of Michael, her father. Next to the corpse,on the floor, a cellphone starts ringing: There’s still hope…

Drunk On What – Dir. Kyle Louis Numann
Music Videos – 4 minutes
Music video for the band Cloudmouth’s song Drunk On What.

Prenatal – Dir. Bears Fonte
Sci-Fi / Fantasy – 10 minutes
Mysteriously eight months pregnant overnight, Katie believes the Angels responsible, but her sister thinks differently.

Roadside Attraction – Dir. Ivete Lucas, Patrick Bresnan
Documentary – 9 minutes
Palm Beach International Airport’s newest snowbird has become one of the fastest growing roadside attractions in the United States.

Salient Minus Ten – Dir. Emma Dark
Sci-Fi / Fantasy – 12 minutes
United Kingdom
Adam Harper is an average man. And on an average day he suddenly finds himself catapulted into the strangest, reality changing game… A game of time and chance, where the stakes are a matter of life and death.

Undertow – Dir. Jack Meggers
Drama – 22 minutes
After a close friend suspiciously overdoses, Cyrus is caught in the current of a local drug ring. Surrounded by addicts, lured by money and piling up eviction notices he succumbs to the darkness.

Friday – Film Block 3 – June 22, 6:00 pm

BFF Girls – Dir. Brian Lonano
Sci-Fi / Fantasy – 13 minutes
In this television pilot ,three dorky American girls magically transform into beautiful Japanese Superheroes and fight a tampon monster as they begin their journey into womanhood.

The Bloody Ballad of Squirt Reynolds – Dir. Anthony Cousins
Horror – 7 minutes
The kids at Camp Nawgonamakit are about to find out the tragic tale of Squirt Reynolds is more than just a legend.

Dead. Tissue. Love – Dir. Natasha Austin-Green
Documentary – 9 minutes
United Kingdom
Dead Tissue Love is an intimate experimental documentary exploring and examining the individual character of a female necrophile, as she journeys and recounts her life experiences, sexual awakening and how she expresses her sexuality, whilst hiding it from a society that puts a demonised face on a human figure.

Freelancer – Dir. Francisco Lacerda, Francisco A. Lopes
Foreign – 15 minutes
Jorge, a freelancer camera-man, faces abusive clients and late payments for his gigs all too often. One day, what appears to be just another simple wedding ceremony to shoot, turns out to be a living nightmare.

Heartbeat – Dir. pierre teulieres, Sebastien Auger
Music Videos – 3 minutes
Ruby Cube – Heartbeat music video.

Hooker Assassin – Dir. Misty Dawn
Horror – 12 minutes
She’s up to her old tricks.

Long Distance Relationship – Dir. carolina markowicz
Foreign – 5 minutes
A brief story of a Guy who is obsessed about having sex with ETs.

Mother Fucker – Dir. Nicholas Payne Santos
Comedy – 6 minutes
Charles is deeply in debt and desperate to save his kidnapped dog. In a last-ditch effort to secure the ransom, Charles returns home to ask his wealthy, widowed mother for help. An unimaginable bargain is struck.

My Monster – Dir. Izzy Lee
Horror – 7 minutes
Christmas is coming. If that’s not stressful enough, Lily (Brea Grant) has to contend with a clueless partner (Adam Egypt Mortimer) and an unexpected, inter-dimensional holiday guest who just wants two things — blood and cuddles.

Rites of Vengeance – Dir. Izzy Lee
Horror – 4 minutes
A trio of nuns take matters into their own hands when a priest commits a terrible sin.

Robo Greaser – Dir. Dakota Arseneault
Comedy – 9 minutes
On the closing day of his beloved roller-rink, Robo Greaser does his best to skate through his final shift.

We Summoned A Demon – Dir. Chris McInroy
Horror – 5 minutes
They just wanted to be cool. Instead, they got a demon.

Friday – Film Block 4 – June 22, 8:00 pm

Allen Anders – Live at the Comedy Castle (circa 1987) – Dir. Laura Moss
Drama – 7 minutes
Allen Anders is either having a nervous breakdown or the best set of his life.

Caroline – Dir. Logan George, Celine Held
Drama – 11 minutes
When plans fall through, a six-year-old is faced with a big responsibility on a hot Texas day.

Hair Wolf – Dir. Mariama Diallo
Horror – 12 minutes
In a black hair salon in gentrifying Brooklyn, the local residents fend off a strange new monster: white women intent on sucking the lifeblood from black culture.

Monsters Anonymous – Dir. Jeremy London
Comedy – 21 minutes
A short film comedy about the classic monsters in a group therapy session coming to terms with the fact that they aren’t scary anymore.

My Dead Dad’s Porno Tapes – Dir. Charlie Tyrell
Documentary – 13 minutes
Filmmaker Charlie Tyrell seeks to better understand his emotionally distant late-father through the personal belongings he left behind…including a stack of VHS dirty movies. Narrated by David Wain.

The Scorpion´s Tale – Dir. Jhosimar Vasquez
Drama – 22 minutes
The Scorpion’s Tale is a story of death, revenge, jealously and greed. The perfect killer sits on death row awaiting his fate. But when someone from his past pays him a visit, The Scorpion realizes that when debts are owed, someone must pay. From director Jhosimar Vasquez and Maximiliano Hernández comes The Scorpion’s Tale. Debt are owed. He collects.

Saturday Morning Cartoons Block – Saturday June 23, 10:00am

Bei Mir Bist Du Schön – Dir. Bouwine Pool
Animation – 12 minutes
A sweet granny is looking forward to her granddaughter’s visit. But when the little girl arrives, the feeling is not mutual. Before the visit is over, granny must try to create the warm bond with her grandchild she desires so deeply.

The Burden – Dir. Niki Lindroth von Bahr
Animation – 14 minutes
An animated musical with apocalyptic undertones. The story is divided into four episodes that takes place in a supermarket, a long term hotel, a call center and a hamburger restaurant. All of the settings are located in a modern, generic market place next to a large freeway.
The characters, portrayed as animals, perform musical numbers with singing and dancing.
The episodes varies both in story and mood, and spans from cheerful tap routine to nightmarish black.

From the Snow-Covered Hill – Dir. Matty Jorissen, Wijnand Driessen
Animation – 14 minutes
Left behind at an isolated boarding school, young Will quickly becomes a target for bullying. Only the friendship from a small bird brings him solace. But as the bullying worsens, Will’s means of escaping the world grows darker.

Ginevra – Dir. Tess Martin
Animation – 3 minutes
Dawn is breaking and the owls are stirring. A young woman has been murdered, but is this truly the end? This short film is based on an unfinished poem by Percy Shelley published in 1824.

Hate for Sale – Dir. Anna Eijsbouts
Animation – 2 minutes
We live in a world in which we consume hate as much as we are consumed by it. This film examines the alluring and tempting qualities of this devouring emotion and why we keep buying into it.

Hot Tea – Dir. Marcel Tigchelaar
Animation – 2 minutes
Some beverages are refreshing in more ways than one…

Mother – Dir. Lee Charlish
Animation – 4 minutes
There’s no love like a mother’s love…
Desperate for a child of her own and following the break-up of a loveless marriage, a woman seeks counsel to help soothe her mental anguish. Her life takes an unexpected twist when a stranger visits and she succumbs to a new torment which throws her life into a macabre turmoil.

People of Color – Dir. Raghav Arumugam
Documentary, Animation – 5 minutes
An animated documentary about race and perception in America.

Perfect Town – Dir. Anaïs Voirol
Animation – 4 minutes
In search of perfection a whole city obeys to selection. A constant struggle. Trying and trying again. Where is the difference between endurance and madness?

Sand Wanderer – Dir. Eric Giessmann
Animation – 6 minutes
As the world starts moving around him, the young desert dweller decides to follow the footprints of his fellow tribesmen to the origin of natural forces, time.

The Shepherd Natalie Vinciguerra Animation 6 minutes
A lonely shepherd struggles with turning into a werewolf.

Solar Walk – Dir. Réka Bucsi
Animation – 20 minutes
Solar Walk shows the journey of individuals and their creations on through time and space. Any meaning of action is only existent from the perspective of the individual, but never mandatory when looking at it from the perspective of a solar system. It’s about the melancholy of accepting chaos as beautiful and cosmic. Passion for creation is projected through the unique and playful texture of the animation craft itself.

Tesura – Dir. Jagriti Khirwar
Animation, Foreign – 2 minutes
Tesura revolves around an integral memory from my childhood which involves me and my sister celebrating the festival of Tesu and Jhanjhi – a festival based on an Indian folk tale from the Mahabharata.

Waste – Dir. Sander Alt
Animation – 2 minutes
Two mice on the run looking for a better place to live. After a hard and though journey they find their way into a kitchen. Everything what they hoped for is there…. ? But is it really that wonderful?

Saturday – Film Block 2 – June 23, 12:00pm

42 Counts – Dir. Jill Gevargizian
Horror – 8 minutes
Based on a true story, two unsuspecting victims spend their night off watching scary movies in an apartment rented from their boss until they uncover something much more sinister than what they’re watching on screen.

Childhood Tears – Dir Sarah & Emilie Barbault
Drama – 20 minutes
The last pure day of a happy young girl, the first night of a broken life…

The Eve – Dir. Luca Machnich
Horror – 20 minutes
Simon is an eight-year-old boy who seems to have everything from life. He’s a handsome child, he’s rich yet unhappy. He senses that there’s something wrong with his life and this leads him to wander off thanks to his fervid imagination. His greatest wish is to leave the materialistic world behind since he isn’t fond of it. That’s why the only present he wants for Christmas is for Santa Claus to take him away to live in his fairyland toy factory. At the same time, a secret that his family has been keeping for a long time suddenly comes to the surface and it is feared that the worst might happen soon. The expectation for the stroke of midnight on the night before Christmas is transformed into reality for everyone on the eve of something truly different. Something terrible that might happen.

Intercourse – Dir. Jonatan Etzler
Drama – 10 minutes
“I’ll give you 100 bucks” he suggests, and jokingly she agrees, and neither of them see the gravity of the situation. When a sexual boundary is crossed and the balance of power is shifted – what will happen to their peaceful and normal relationship?

Monster Under the Bed – Dir. Insane Mike Saunders
Horror – 9 minutes
Legends and lore of monsters under the bed and creatures in the closest have been keeping frightened children awake at night for years. This time there is something more terrifying than what lurks under the bed.

Morris – Dir. Michael R. Helgens
Drama – 12 minutes
A troubled young man is confronted with the long term effects of sexual abuse and learns that his abuser has a new victim.

Sexpert Franzen – Dir. Kaitlyn Busbee
Comedy – 17 minutes
Meet Fiona Franzen, a young aspiring math teacher who has lived her life according to an equation: school+job+ fiancé = success. When Fiona is thrust into teaching 6th Grade Sex Ed (thanks to Mr. Kraby’s well-timed fishing trip), she begins to question her arithmetic. A short comedy about head versus heart.

Saturday – Film Block 3 – June 23, 2:00 pm

Checkmate – Dir. Alexandra Moad
Drama – 5 minutes
Emotions run high in this short film about what we can and cannot give for the people we love.

End Times – Dir. Bobby Miller
Comedy – 8 minutes
A man finds a dying squirrel in a park.

A Boy A Girl A Pen – Dir. Nolan Quade
Action – 2 minutes
A boy who is very attached to his pen gets distracted and loses his pen. Will he find it, or let the friendship die?

Kap – Dir. David M. Weiss
Foreign – 8 minutes
A form of modern day child slavery still exists in Haiti. It’s called restavek and over 300,000 children live under these conditions. This is a fictional story of one such boy who must deal with forgiving his mother for giving him away and living under the harsh reality of being a servant. In his search for mental escape he turns to making a kap, which means “kite” in Creole. Unfortunately his moment of flight is soon dashed and once again, like so many other restaveks, he can only dream of flying away.

KILL THE LIGHT – Dir. Mark Schimmel
Drama – 22 minutes
After the loss of his wife, Ray Brinley spends his days on the road scooping up road kill in Door County, IL. One afternoon he stumbles upon a woman, Cheryl, left for dead. Ray, who is accustomed to picking up ‘the occasional dog or a deer, but never a person’, invites Cheryl into his modest home in an attempt to help. Together, Cheryl and Ray begin to unravel the mystery of her haunting past. After an intense encounter with the county sheriff and a series of revealing flashbacks, Cheryl realizes that she needs to take matters into her own hands and has only one chance to kill the light to make things right.

The Manual – Dir. Wil Magness
Sci-Fi / Fantasy – 29 minutes
In the distant future, James is the last human on Earth. He is raised and protected by a humanoid robot, the Machine, who brings him up on a strange composite religion described in a handheld device called The Manual. The Manual’s teachings fuse aspects of old-world religion and incorporate robots as spiritual beings in the afterlife, alongside and equal to humans.
The man wrestles with loneliness and depression while the search for other humans becomes more and more futile. As his faith in The Manual is shaken, he sets out to test one of The Manual’s core beliefs: reincarnation to the next life in the city of the Creator. What he finds could be described terribly as exactly that.

Shoken – Dir. Jack Ross
Documentary – 11 minutes
Shoken’ (2017) is a short-subject documentary film on the life of Shoken Winecoff Roshi, a Buddhist monk and founding teacher of the Ryumonji Zen Monastery outside of Decorah, Iowa. Beginning with Shoken’s initial contact many years ago with Zazen meditation and Dainin Katagiri Roshi (1928-1990), a Buddhist monk based in Minneapolis, the film explores his journey to becoming ordained himself as a monk under Katagiri Roshi, and the establishment of the Ryumonji monastery. Through its exploration of Shoken’s life experiences and encounter with meditation, as well as greater implications of its practice, we don’t just learn about Shoken from merely a biographical perspective; rather, we are brought into his world through sound, motion, action, and drama.

The Things You Think I’m Thinking – Dir. Sherren Lee
Drama – 14 minutes
A black male burn-survivor and amputee goes on a date with a regularly-abled man. After the bar, they go back to his apartment, where he faces his demons as he attempts to experience intimacy for the first time since his accident, ten years ago.

Saturday – Film Block 4 – June 23, 4:00 pm

Brojob – Dir. Ray Chao, Matt Sweeney
Comedy – 4 minutes
Bros just being bros until the wives come home early. Awkward.

Death Metal Grandma – Dir. Leah Galant
Documentary – 13 minutes
97 year old Holocaust Survivor, Inge Ginsberg, rose to fame as a songwriter for legendary musicians such as Doris Day, Dean Martin and Nat King Cole.
DEATH METAL GRANDMA follows Inge Ginsberg’s journey to break out as a performer of death metal music and as she prepares for an America’s Got Talent Audition. The short documentary interweaves the rich personal history of Inge’s life as she attempts to merge her personal lyrics with the contemporary genre of Death Metal.

DELAURENTIS – A Big Part of a Big Sun – Dir. AB/CD/CD
Music Videos – 4 minutes
DELAURENTIS – A Big Part of a Big Sun music video.

Father – Dir. Chris Keller
Horror – 9 minutes
United Kingdom
A young boy lives with his mother who is not terribly interested in giving him the attention he needs. There is also a father figure, but unfortunately for the boy, he is much worse…

Greater Good – Dir. Andrea Ashton
Sci-Fi / Fantasy – 8 minutes
When a pregnant woman receives an unexpected visit from two strangers she is faced with making a life-altering decision.

Krista – Dir. Danny Madden
Drama – 9 minutes
In a high school theater class, Krista uses her scene study as catharsis.

The Liberty – Dir. Jill Sachs
Drama – 22 minutes
On the eve of the ‘Grand Reopening’ of the family’s shuttered movie palace, Lily struggles to uphold the dreams of her idealist father (Harry) while facing the reality that the theatre cannot be maintained. Attempting to prevent inevitable foreclosure she has brokered a deal to sell the theatre, but in all the preparations for tonight’s big show, Lily can’t seem to find the opportunity to speak to Harry about what the future might hold.

Life – Dir. Lee hansol
Horror – 14 minutes
Republic of Korea
Geunho, who has asked Yeonsoo for a divorce, continually finds that she attempts to kill him by taking poison at the dinner table.

Mumpsimus and Halcyon Discord – Dir. Rolf Klein
Documentary – 3 minutes
United Kingdom
If you are a young person experiencing mental ill health and homelessness, life is far from a walk in the park. This film explores the connections between mental health and homelessness, challenging common misrepresentations in the media. Using the medium of the spoken word, the film questions whether we can ever view issues such as these in an objective way.
Rolf has experienced mental health issues and homelessness. He wants to use film to challenge our understanding of both. Rolf is a first time film maker.


Laurels 2018

And the Winner Is….

Best Action
Duel Vision – Dir. Landon Brands
The Chase – Dir. Lawrence Ribeiro
From Ashes to Immortality – Dir. Eric Hyde
Bag Full of Trouble – Dir. Nate Jones, Roy Nugen & Gina Nugen
Winner: From Ashes to Immortality – Directed by Eric Hyde

Best Dramedy
Wake – Dir. Michael McCallum
Annie Waits – Dir. Marnie Paxton-Harris
Break Down – Dir. Christopher Winterbauer
Pet Monkey – Dir. Eric Maira
Winner: Annie Waits – Directed by Marnie Paxton-Harris

Best Horror
The Fisherman – Dir. Alejandro Suárez Lozano
When Susurrus Stirs – Dir. Anthony Cousins
Flies in May – Dir. Caroline Jiang
MEOW – Dir. Chris Jopp
Winner: When Susurrus Stirs – Directed by Anthony Cousins

Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Beautiful Dreamer – Dir. David Gaddie
Kaska – Dir. Alexander Dannhauser
Without Gravity Chocolate Floats – Dir. Y.H. Pou
Living Rooms – Dir. Parker Hill
Winner: Kaska – Directed by Alexander Dannhauser

Best Documentary
Nobody Dies Here – Dir. Simon Panay
The Collection – Dir. Adam Roffman
The Burning Old Boy – Dir. Rahman Mani
Les Cloÿs – Dir. Julia Hechler
Winner: Nobody Dies Here – Directed by Simon Panay

Best Drama
Fry Day – Dir. Laura Moss
Everything is One Thing – Dir. Sarah Barbault
no name Maddox – Dir. Glenn Pack
The Beautifully Drowned – Dir. John Dewar
Winner: Everything is One Thing – Directed by Sarah Barbault

Best Student Short
The Inevitable – Dir. Daniel Tanielian
Happy Anniversary – Dir. Mark Kuczewski
Northfound – Dir. Dana Shihadah
Lunch Time – Dir. Alireza Ghasemi
Winner: Lunch Time – Directed by Alireza Ghasemi

Best Foreign Short
Hell Follows – Dir. Brian Harrison
Cain’s Shadow – Dir. Antonio De palo
Fever – Dir. Celine Held, Logan George
Hidden Devil – Dir. Fran Mateu
Winner: Fever – Directed by Dir. Celine Held, Logan George

Best Animation
Heads Together – Dir. Job, Joris & Marieke
Sabaku – Dir. Marlies van der Wel
I’m Scared – Dir. Pete Levin
Kakkmaddafakka – Lilac – Dir. Carlín Díaz
Winner: Heads Together – Directed by Job, Joris & Marieke

Best Comedy
Mouse – Dir. Celine Held, Logan George
My Arch Namesis – Dir. Chris Sassano
The Old-Men – Dir. Jordan Inconstant
A Town Called Theocracy – Dir. Jehad N. Al-Khateeb
Winner: A Town Called Theocracy

Best Music Video
Blood in Love – Dir. TEULIERES Pierre, GONY Milo
Tesla Boy – Circles – Dir. Ryan Patrick
Fitz and the Tantrums – Roll Up – Dir. Steve Jennings
Light of my Heart – Dir. Jhosimar Vasquez
Winner: Blood in Love

The Writer’s Block Award for Best Short Screenplay
Wren Bone – Written by Robert Dopf & Michael Berg
Last Woman on Earth – Written by Danielle Smith
Casting Blade – Written by Andrew Wassom
Malcolm and Cabinette – Written by Wes Worthing
S3RIAL – Written by Michael Berg
Jaguars – Written by Adrienne Dawes
Winner: Wren Bone written by Robert Dopf & Michael Berg

Audience Choice Award
Winner: Meme Dealers – Directed by Reace Thorne

Best Iowa Made Short
Ursula – Dir. Stephen Siemens
The Gift of Magpie – Dir. Anita George
My Friend Max – Dir. Mikeal Burgin
Honey Do – Dir. Stephen Folker
Winner: My Friend Max – Directed by Mikeal Burgin

Director’s Award
Fry Day – Dir. Laura Moss
no name Maddox – Dir. Glenn Pack
Cain’s Shadow – Dir. Antonio De Palo
Lunch Time – Dir. Alireza Ghasemi
Winner: Fry Day – Directed by Laura Moss

Best of the Fest
Winner: I’m Scared – Directed by Pete Levin


Congratulations to all filmmakers and screenwriters whose work has been selected for the Sixth Annual Snake Alley Festival of Film. We received so many great entries, and we couldn’t be more excited to let the world see your work.

The full daily SNAFF Schedule can be found here.

For those planning to attend we have some answers to your questions that will make your visit a little easier.

  • Each filmmaker or screenwriter will get two all access badges. This badge gets you into all SNAFF events including film blocks, table readings, and SNAFFterparties.
  • In addition to an event t-shirt, every filmmaker and screenwriter will receive a swag bag full of local goods.
  • Registration is Thursday, June 22 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm, right next to the Capitol Theater (also known as the Annex). It connects to the theater, but provides a sound barrier as to not disturb the screenings and readings.
    NOTE* If you cannot make it to Thursday’s registration, someone will always be there to sign you in.
  • The filmmaker and screenwriter’s brunch takes place on Friday, June 23 at 10am at Burlington Bent River Brewing Company. Space is limited so please let me know in advance if you would like to participate. This free catered brunch is a great time to get to know each other, learn about each other’s projects, and support one another’s films. Sign up here.
  • SNAFFter parties are all located in downtown Burlington and are free to attend. Wednesday’s kick-off party is at a private residence and location will be given to those in attendance Wednesday night.
  • Travel — We have three nearby airports, each about an hour and half away. One is in Iowa (Cedar Rapids) and two in Illinois (Moline & Peoria). Flying into these airports is a lot easier, as far as scheduling, then flying directly into Burlington.
  • The Capitol Theater is located downtown, within a short walking distance of many restaurants, coffee shops, a great record store, and several small shops. Take advantage of our beautiful downtown and support our sponsors!
  • Lastly, if you have artwork (pre-printed posters, cards, swag, etc.) and would like to send them for display, please send to:

Snake Alley Festival of Film
1301 S. 3rd St.
Burlington Iowa 52601.

This will be very helpful in promoting your film.
You can also bring your artwork with you if you plan on attending.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at

We can’t wait to see you all for SNAFF 2017!

Snake Alley Festival of Film

Screenplay Table Read Schedule

One of the unique features of SNAFF is how we bring the short screenplay finalists to life. In years prior we’ve done live stage readings, featuring local talent acting out each screenplay on the stage at the Capitol Theater.
This year, we’re trying something new.
Each of the six finalists will have an intimate live table reading with a full cast in the upper annex of the Capitol Theater. Actors and screenplays will be provided. All we need is you, the writers!

On Thursday, June 22 from 4:00pm-6:00pm we will feature:

JaguarsWritten by Adrienne Dawes – When awkward, 20-something Esther befriends “The Jaguars,” a group of funny, fearless 50-something women that aggressively pursue younger men at singles bars, she learns a powerful lesson about radical self-acceptance.

Malcolm and CabinetteWritten by Wes Worthing – We follow the life of two lovers who had the courage to break down the barrier between metal and flesh. Witness the intimacy and struggles of Malcolm and Cabinette, a human and a filing cabinet.

Casting BladeWritten by Andrew Wassom – After a failed suicide attempt, a former porn star seeking mainstream success lands the role he was meant to play.


On Friday, June 23 from 4:00pm-6:00pm we will feature:

Last Woman on EarthWritten by Danielle Smith – A woman faces the decision between survival and redemption in a bleak world.

S3RIALWritten by Michael E. Berg – A lowly beat cop canvasses a barbershop for leads to an unsolved murder and finds the killer – only he doesn’t know it.

Wren BoneWritten by Robert Dopf, Michael E. Berg – Life and death hang in the balance when a Sheriff must confront a cult leader terrorizing a small Iowa town.

Film Block Lineup

Behold, the list of film blocks!

Please note that films may not play in in listed order.
They will play within the listed block.

Full schedule with screenplay table reads, tickets, and more information coming soon.

Wednesday, June 21 – Kick Off Block – 8:00pm – 10:00pm


Annie Waits

Tesla Boy “Circles”

Lunch Time


Illegal Aliens

The Murder of William Martin



Thursday, June 22 – Block 1 – 12:00pm – 2:00pm

The Root Cellar

Tough Love: A Romantic Comedy for Men

Hidden Devil



Everything Is One Thing

Honey Do

Without Gravity, Chocolate Floats


Thursday, June 22 – Block 2 – 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Jack & Ophelia

Cain’s Shadow

Bag Full of Trouble

Shadows Of Hope

The Beautifully Drowned





Thursday, June 22 – Block 3 – 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Ghost of a Chance

My Arch Namesis

Theresa’s Trigger

Words Like Daggers – Nothing Left To Prove (Official Music Video)

From Ashes to Immortality





Thursday, June 22 – Block 4 – 8:00pm – 10:00pm

Death Metal


Fangs & Claws 2

This Little Piggy

Born Again


The Dark Hunger


For A Good Time, Call…



When Susurrus Stirs


Friday, June 23 – Block 1 – 12:00pm – 2:00pm

The Gift of the Magpie

Sweet Tooth

Rainy Season

The Inevitable




Friday, June 23 – Block 2 – 2:00pm – 4:00pm



Nobody Dies Here

The Prisoner Of Perdition

The Seeker

Break Down

The Visitant


Friday, June 23 – Block 3 – 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Dark Light


Les Cloÿs

Marc Chung Protects His Address

The Hag: Bloodline


Light of My Heart

Hell Follows


Friday, June 23 – Block 4 – 8:00pm – 10:00pm

My Friend Max

The Collection

Blood in Love

Fry Day

Living Rooms

The Fisherman


Happy Anniversary



Saturday Morning Cartoons – Animation Block – 10:00am-12:00pm

Bosatsu – Year of the Dragon


The Past Inside the Present

Bullet Time

Heads Together





I’m Scared

Kakkmaddafakka – Lilac

Fitz and the Tantrums – Roll Up

Oh My

Flies in May


Saturday, June 24 – Block 2 – 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Adam’s Eve

She’s My Gorilla

Duel Vision

Every Ghost Has An Orchestra

The Burning Old Boy


Beautiful Dreamer


Welcome Back


Saturday, June 24 – Block 3 – 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Meme Dealers

Not The Devil

Silk Duck “Erosion”


White Drift

The Zealots – Watertown Legend (Official Music Video)

Last Scene


35mm Monsters

Desmond Doss: Conscientious Objector


Saturday, June 24 – Block 4 – 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Chicken Tuesdays

This is Yates

no name Maddox

No Wave

A Town Called Theocracy

Side by Side

Skinny Bones – Dropped Bench Press