SNAFF 2022 Screenplay Finalists

Thursday, July 21 – 4:00PM

BOWEN – Written by Dustin Wood
A man has to survive on his own after retreating to the country after a post-apocalyptic event and makes friends with an unlikely companion.

Once Bitten Twice Shy – Written by Wes Worthing
An 80’s rock star attempts a return at stardom nearly 40 years after a traumatic event.

Turn Over – Written by Richard Devon Endacott
When Kerry returns to the family farm with a money making proposition for his estranged brother Thad, both men discover they share ownership of an antique tractor purchased by their father before he died. Figuring out whether the tractor has a seized engine means the difference between a wad of cash or a hunk of junk. If the two can work together to get the old beast to turn over, it might mean more than money to both of them.

Friday, July 22 – 4:00PM

Dog – Written by Paul Huenemann
After years of loneliness, Zach finally gets a companion to share his life again, but it’s a really weird dog.

Love to Go – Written by Bernhard Riedhammer
Gene, a struggling widower, finds comfort in a unique relationship with his Romanian cleaning lady.

Never Alone – Written by Verlisha Thomas
When Nathan is diagnosed with cancer, he’s prepared to deal with his sickness alone. That is, until he meets an annoying young man who refuses to let him.

Saturday, July 22 – 4:00PM

Americans at Work – Written by Ben Matthews
Set in the middle of West Texas, a troubled children’s author attempts to acquire an honest opinion of his newest book from a prostitute. Meanwhile, a retired lawman makes a chilling discovery.

Dreidel – Written by Glenn Lissner
Samuel tells his friends the horrors his grandfather Isaac suffered at a concentration camp during the holocaust and how he took revenge against a sadistic Nazi prison guard named Heinrich.
A Dreidel is a four-sided spinning top, played during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. Mostly a game of chance for children.

The Magician – Written by Alexander James Dingeman
A Las Vegas magician has his tricks put to the test against real magic.

The Space Between – Written by Emille Lacsa
What lengths will friends go to save each other, and what will they leave in the space between?


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