SNAFF 2021 Screenplay Finalists

Thursday – August 5 – 4:00PM

A Widow’s Might written by Patrick Boberg
A Belgian woman goes into labor as the German army lays siege to her town, following the birth she learns to protect her family amidst the strife of World War 1.

The Chenoo written by Adam Beilgard
A daughter’s victory over cancer may have left her vulnerable to a different kind of ailment.

Congenital written by Saman Hosseinpuor & Ako Zandkarimi
Roja is a young, rural girl who is forced to marry an old man, because her brother killed the song of the old man. At the first night of their marriage the Oldman wants to have sex with Roja, but Roja tries to find a way out and run away and hide his big secret.

In your dreams written by Arteta Stephane
Noah, 11, flees his gloomy life by taking refuge in the reading of Molière’s plays and his dreams. In his imaginary world, he involves two of his classmates who fascinate him. And tries to escape the “beast” pursuing his family.

Friday – August 6 – 4:00PM

Day of Z (The Beginning) written by Vester Banner III
A Doomday Prepper decides to reconcile with his brother but tragedy strikes when his worst nightmare comes to life.

Fun and Games written by Wes Worthing
Violet, an 11 year old shy outcast, wants to be friends with her classmates, but is bullied instead. Her Grandma Iris, a feared witch, joins her on a field trip, and in an attempt to teach the bullies a lesson, Iris conjures an overzealous creature from a nearby forest.

Breach written by Ben Matthews
A team of special forces operators clears an apartment complex housing a group of dangerous arms smugglers.

Any Filmmakers in the Audience written by James Edmunds
Langdon has entered his film at the Harum Scarem Film Festival and hopes he will win the coveted Scarem Award. He’d do just about anything to win it…

Saturday – August 7 – 4:00PM

The System written by Joe Territo
A wealthy man with a terminal illness, seeks an answer to ‘What’s Next?”. Based on the public domain short story, “There is a Reaper” by Charles V. DeVet.

When The Clock Strikes written by Andrew Littlefield
A new short horror/comedy film to understand what truly scares us.

Dispatch written by Charlie Gandez
A dispatch operator must attempt to save a caller from afar while also trying to overcome her own traumatic experiences that are all too familiar.

Kidnapped by the Koi-Man from Kosmos written by Chuck Mittan
An Earth scientist teams up with an FBI agent to fend off a return visit from an extraterrestrial frequent flyer.


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