SNAFF 2020 Postponed: New Date TBA

We hope you’re well and staying healthy.
As you know, the 9th annual Snake Alley Festival of Film is scheduled to be wrapping up in three short weeks from now. 
Unfortunately, we’re reaching out to let you know that we have to pump the breaks once again. 
First and foremost, we are not canceling
When we originally pushed our 2020 festival back from June to late July, we were hopeful the Covid-19 situation would improve and the numbers would be much lower. We’ve been carefully monitoring the statistics every day and that simply isn’t the case quite yet.
Safety for our filmmakers, audience, staff and volunteers comes first. When we found ourselves questioning if we could hold our event safely in July, we took a step back. We reached out to our SNAFF volunteers, Capitol volunteers, and the Capitol Theater board of directors for their input. Many voiced their concerns and several of our most dedicated volunteers and staff members let us know they weren’t comfortable taking part if we were to hold SNAFF in July. The Capitol is completely staffed by volunteers as is our festival, and we can’t ask them to risk their health. 
Believe me when I say nobody is more disappointed than we are. The work is done. The schedule is set, the films have been judged, the shirts are printed and the trophies are polished. 
We know many of you have taken time off work, rearranged your schedule and made accommodations as we’re so close to the festival date. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience and hope you can understand why we’ve made the difficult decision to postpone again.
We’ve explored every option from doing Q&As via zoom, digital programs, and explored the various options for going virtual. If you’ve ever attended our festival, you know a big part of our charm is the beautiful Capitol Theater. Nothing can replace seeing your film on that big beautiful screen with an audience. Many great relationships and projects have come out of networking at our fest. 
We are so proud of the slate of films and screenplays we have programmed this year and want to give them the festival they deserve, with as big of an audience as we can. With current Iowa Covid social distancing guidelines, our theater went from 375 available seats down to 75 seats max. 
Several filmmakers have reached out to us in the last few weeks to let us know they wouldn’t be able to attend due to health concerns or travel restrictions. We don’t want to exclude a large portion of our filmmakers and writers from enjoying our festival, because in the end, this festival is for YOU. 
So what’s next? We’re going to step back and watch for now. Hopefully things improve in the Fall, but we don’t want to set another date until the situation starts looking up. We will keep the film and screenplay lineup as-is and simply shift it to another weekend when we feel it is safer for everyone involved.  The work is done. We’re ready to go, and we’re anxious to show off your awesome films and screenplays. We’ll just have to wait a little bit longer. 
Again, we’re deeply sorry for the late notice and any inconveniences this may have caused. 
We hope when we’re able to gather safely again we’ll see more of you here in Burlington. 
Please feel free to reach out with any questions. 

Stay safe,
Tadd Good
Snake Alley Festival Of Film


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