Thank You…

Another SNAFF is in the books. New friends were made. Stories were told. Laughs were had. It always seems to sneak up on us and before we know it, it’s over.

I want to thank each and every writer, filmmaker, actor and anyone involved in the making of any work that was submitted to SNAFF. We can’t have a film festival without films. It’s that simple. This festival is for you.

Every year, from when I was just an audience member, to now, I am absolutely taken back by the filmmaking community. Not only by the heaps of talent, but by the special camaraderie that is shared between everyone.

I want to thank my SNAFF team.

Kara, for flying across the country to be the face of the festival as our host and awards ceremony director.

JoJo, Paul and Cheryl for their time and efforts in organizing the short screenplay readings, volunteer coordination, and helping in every aspect of the fest.

Nikki, for always being there, literally and figuratively. For her volunteer coordination, judging, and making sure I was fed and kept alive for the duration of the festival.

Lonnie, for continuing to help in every aspect from fundraising, organizing, and always answering my calls when I need advice.
To Cynthia for the putting together our amazing gift bags.

Jerry Johnson, for  being wherever I needed him whenever I needed him, and for having us at the beautiful Capitol Theater.

Phil Pool of Omni Photography for capturing each moment of the festival, and for always supporting the arts in Burlington.

I want to thank Tina Salamone for taking a chance and giving me my first opportunity at the Capitol Theater and always supporting my vision.

Terry Arellano, for pulling me back into the theater and introducing me to Lonnie.

Thanks to Amy Walsh for always making sure everything is in order.

Thanks to each and every volunteer who gave their time to help keep our festival running smoothly.  A big thanks also goes out to each film judge who spent hours and hours watching and rating films and to each screenplay judge for your time and effort.

Thank you to our generous sponsors. We depend on our sponsors, whether it’s funding, promotion, or donations; it all keeps SNAFF going. We can’t do it without sponsors.

Thanks to Iron & Lace, Becker’s and Tim Scott for your help with the trophies.
Sound & Fury for providing us with new shirts each year.

Thank you to our SNAFFterparty host venues for allowing us to take over your space. Thanks to Kevin at Moto’s for the delicious pizza, Tyler at The Washington for the awesome entertainment, and The Drake for the beautiful view and great food.

Thanks to the Beck’s Pig Out Food truck for bringing us fresh, local BBQ.

Thanks to Laura Arms for her generous donations to both the Capitol and SNAFF.

Thanks go out to Eric Pettit Lion for showing everyone how much talent we have here in Burlington.
William Ford for being the soundtrack to our closing night festivities.
Gabba, for your inspiring performance.
As We Are and Matt Wiggins (The Dying of the Light) for rocking the stage at our awards ceremony.
Randy Wischmeier for making sure everything looks and sounds great.

Thanks to Steve Jennings at Grasshorse for connecting us with Cody Cameron and for always supporting the local arts.
Thanks to Cody Cameron for trekking across the country to share your story and experiences with us. Extra points for spending time with my niece and making me the coolest uncle in the world.

Getting to meet talented people traveling to Burlington from all around the country is one of the many rewarding experiences of running a film festival. The flowers, cards, gifts, and kind words were all overwhelming. The memories are what I value the most.

Here’s to SNAFF 2016. Time to start planning SNAFF 2017.




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