Screenplay Stage Readings

Thursday 4pm – 6pm

Dakota Caves – 2 Miles by Robert Rogers
Scrambled eggs aren’t what they’re cracked up to be, especially when they stop in for a visit.

I Love You More by Wes Worthing
A distraught artist seeks to kill all of his local sex-offender registrants as a means to make his town safe before his recently gang-raped wife returns home from the hospital.


Friday 4pm – 6pm

The R Word by Danielle P. Smith
A new town and new school puts a girl with Down Syndrome face to face with a bully and a hurtful word.

Without Adult Supervision by Andrew Wassom
Three fraternity brothers learn why warning labels are placed on products after a unique game of lawn darts.


Saturday 10am – 11am

Morris by Michael R. Helgens
Morris is a young man grappling with the long lasting effects of abuse at the hands of his step father.


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