And now for the screenplays…

Lest the screenwriters think they’ve been forgotten, we are posting the screenplays entered in The Snake Alley Festival of Film. Some of these will be presented on stage with live actors doing a walk-through and you’ll get to see how a screenplay looks (and sounds) as it is being converted to a movie. It’s fun to watch as the actors try to get the gist of what the writer wanted. (hint- sometimes they are way off base and wind up being funny in the middle of a serious scene. Yours truly was in that position last year.)

ATMO-SPHERE by Steven Canfield Crowley – Benjamin and his German Shepherd, Ace find a mysterious, metallic sphere in the woods near their home. Missing people, strange occurrences, and unexplained ailments begin to plague Ben’s small town. But can anybody be prepared for whats next?

Good Catholic Girl by Christina Paschyn – A young girl has waited her entire life to be an altar server, but her dreams are dashed when the parish priest tells her the role is open only to boys. In her hunt for answers, she is bombarded with sexist theology and suffers a crisis of confidence. Will she give in to the misogyny, or will she find a way to reclaim her faith?

Kardon Gets A Taco by Russ Fry – Kardon meets Sodon to save the universe and to get a taco.

Life Round Here (A Script in Two Parts) by Christian Santiago – Taking place in Berkeley, California, Life Round Here is a script by high school student Christian Santiago. The first half, Everybody’s Something, takes a look at the lives of two problematic high schoolers who find each other, but slowly realize they are not meant for each other. The second half, Psychic Seppuku, is a science fiction story about a nameless teenage boy who wakes up with the discovery that he has telekinetic powers. He slowly learns to control it, and slips into insanity.

Meth Zombie by Danielle Smith – A little girl thinks her meth-addicted mother has become a zombie.

My Friend Max by Chuck Mittan and Mikeal Burgin – After the loss of her father, young Thea has lived a secluded life without any friends, except for one. Her ‘imaginary’ friend, Max.

No Withdrawals by Andrew Wassom – A man walks the fine line between caring father and hired killer.

The Bartleby Twins by Gabriel Capone – Awkward fraternal twin sisters attempt to rejoin society after a lifetime of reclusiveness.

The Dying of the Light by Robert Dopf – The Dying of the Light is a dark comedy about the hapless lead singer of a death-metal band as he deals with the emotions surrounding the death of his father. Alcohol and apathy lead him on a path to befriending a mute, autistic teenager struggling with his own father. The two revel in the calculated rage of black-metal, and learn about themselves in the process.

Thesis by Andrew Littlefield – Thesis focuses on a college student whose mother passes away from breast cancer and his struggle to cope with the loss.

Stay tuned for more great updates as we near opening day! You will hate yourself if you miss what has become one of the Midwest’s funkiest little film festivals. The town of Burlington, Iowa is right up there with New Orleans, Key West, and other locations for the cool factor.

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