Give Mom A Special Treat!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. If you’re still at a loss for a gift, how about giving her tickets to The Snake Alley Festival of Film. It will be something unique and unusual. And it will be something she’ll remember forever.

Sure, flowers are nice. But how many Moms’ can say, “My child took me to an indie film festival?” Buy the big package and get her into the after parties. She might just blow your mind when she rocks out to the live music.

Think of all the joy she’ll get out of sitting in at the stage reading of the screenplays, or hanging with the filmmakers at the filmmakers panel discussions.

Then there’s the tour of Burlington and the not-to-be-missed Wiener Dog Races and Cyn-A-Palooza.

C’mon! You know she’ll love it. And you might just get to “Favorite Child” status! It’s worth a shot.

June in Iowa…what’s not to love? Load her on the old Harley and ride on over. See you there on June 3rd.

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