The Early Bird Gets…?

How would you finish that sentence? The Early Bird Gets the Worm? What other meanings does the term “Early Bird” have? For a lot of old people (I can say that because I qualify as an old people…at least chronologically) it means the “Early Bird Special” at the local hash house. Wow! Mystery meat, mushy vegetables, and day-old bread at a hefty 20% discount. What’s not to like?

But…if you make short films or write short film screen-plays, it means you can get a significant discount to the Snake Alley Festival of Film if you get your entries in by February 1st.

Speaking of February 1st, I’d like to mention another “first” that’s taking place here. For the very first time in the history of The Snake Alley Festival of Film, an out-of-state film maker and People’s Choice winner (Gabe Munitz-Alessio) has teamed up with some local film folks  to do a project in and around Burlington, Iowa.

Who knows? Maybe Burlington, Iowa will become known as “Hollywood on the Mississippi” and Snake Alley will be called the new “Street of Dreams.”

Get your entries in. This year’s Snake Alley Festival of Films promises to be bigger and better than ever. (And that’s saying something!)

All this talk about “Early Birds” has made me hungry. Time to take these old bones down to the local diner and “gum on” some cheap vittles.


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