“That’s A Wrap!”

Another successful film festival is in the can.

Another successful film festival is in the can.

The Snake Alley Festival of Film has come to a close. Time for a little rest. (My liver thanks you, my head thanks you…) If you weren’t here you’ll kick yourself as I post more about the goings on.

As you can tell by the photos in previous posts, the “after parties” and the (“after, after parties” held at Brian and Tammy Hopkins house) were a blast. Many brain cells were sacrificed on the altar of “discussing our art.” The out of town attendees were smitten with Burlington, and more then one were looking at buying property here. Even the Huffington Post was here.

More photos will be posted when I’m back in my office.

Since your not-so-intrepid-anymore blogger was one of those who sacrificed a few brain cells, I’ll post the important part today. The posts that follow in the next few days and weeks, will have all the gory details (I may even name names and include photos) of what transpired.

Today, I’ll post the nominees and winners of the categories from the fest. Before I do, I want to say that every film I saw should have been a winner, but it doesn’t work that way. What I mean is, there were no bad films and I’m glad I wasn’t a judge. Now on to the results.

BEST DOCUMENTARY…nominees… One Years Crop, Buffalo Must Die,
Animation Hotline.

The winner… Buffalo Must Die

BEST SCI-FI…nominees… Witchbane: Hunters, Mars II, Far and The
Incident Of The Giant Ammonia-Breathing Space Crabs

The winner … Far

BEST ACTION…nominees are… 8 Guns Over A Dead Girl, Revenge Flame of Hayabusa.

The winner … 8 Guns Over A Dead Girl

BEST ANIMATION…nominees… Me, My Wife and Our Cow, Andersartig, The Hopper, The Rose of Turaida.

The winner… The Rose of Turaida

BEST HORROR…nominees … Revelation, Domicile, Exit the Dead and
The Tell Tale Heart

The winner is… Revelation

BEST DRAMEDY…nominees… Phil’s butts, Any Moment Now, Pro Kopf, Dreinhalb and Another fucking…

The winner is… Pro Kopf

BEST MUSIC VIDEO…nominees… “Next To You”, “Acid Pauli; Equation Of Time” and “Ada (Happy Birthday)”

The winner is… “Next To You” by Blue Kid

BEST COMEDY…Nominees… Division Azul, Musik Liegt In Der Luft,
Thumb, Naked, Ovni and Stand Up or Shut Up.

The winner is… Thumb

BEST STUDENT FILM…Nominees… Sashi Chori, Treibjagd, Peace, Love and Zombies, and Resistance.

The winner is… Resistance

BEST DRAMA…Nominees… The Telegram Man, Imagine, Elegy For A
Revolutionary, Paper People, Erinnerungen, A. D. Sommer, Black
Irish, Tender, Ararat.

The winner is… The Telegram Man

The Alley (trophy) Awards

NEW YORK LOBBY 3AM by John Burdeaux
THE EXAM ROOM by Paul Berg
THE SITTER by Jennifer Harrison

The winner is… Kindergarten Graduate

BEST IOWA MADE FILM…nominees are… The Hanging of The Hodges, To Be Alone, Bring Me A Dream and From Uranus.

The winner is… Bring Me A Dream

BEST OF THE FEST…Nominees… Division Azul, Sahashi Chori, Ararat, Paper People, Tender, It’s Consuming Me, Andersartig and The
Telegram Man.

The winner is… Shashi Chori

THE DIRECTOR’S AWARD for outstanding performance…nominees…
“TENDER” Directed by… Elric Kane, Outstanding performance
by… Kym Jackson and William Beinbrink
“TOO LATE NOW” Directed by… Kelly Young-Silverman,
Outstanding performance… Steve Coulter
“PAPER PEOPLE” Directed by… Andrew Kightlinger, Outstanding
performance by… Steven Luke
“THE TELEGRAM MAN” Directed by… James Francis Khehtie,
Outstanding performance by… Jack Thompson
“ARARAT” Directed by… Engin Kunda, Outstanding performance
by… Claudio Schulz-Keune and Pınar Erincin

The winner is… Paper People. Directed by Andrew Kightlinger
and starring Steven Luke.

AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD…Nominees…8 Guns for a Dead Girl, Paper People, Bring Me A Dream, Tender, and Phil’s Butts.

The winner is… Phil’s Butts

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