An Oscar Is So Passé! You Really Want An Alley!

Capitol Theater, Lonnie Schuyler, and the coveted Alley Award

Capitol Theater, Lonnie Schuyler, and the coveted Alley Award

This beats an Oscar!

This beats an Oscar!

Think about it. If you watched the Oscar’s, it seems like every Tom, Dick, (there were a few of those) and Harry gets one for something. Best director, Best Toenail Collector, Best Butt-Kisser…you name it, there’s an award for it.
So which one has more value? If you drive around Hollywood, there are so many Oscar’s that people are using them for door stops. You can buy Oscar key chains, little plastic dashboard Oscars, and even Oscar toilet paper holders. BUT…the one thing you don’t see in Hollywood is an Alley. Alleys are so rare, that very few people have ever seen one, much less won one.
Last year at The Snake Alley Festival of Film a handful of dedicated film makers walked away with an Alley. This is a unique award that will inspire admiration from all who see it. You could read the covetous looks in the eyes of the few Hollywood types that were there. On the last day of the fest, as they gazed with envy on the winners of the Alleys, they knew they had to settle for watching Lonnie Schuyler man-handle his wiener.
If you want a chance to be one of the few people in the world who has an Alley sitting in your trophy case, you need to get your entry in. The final deadline is April 1st and we’re not fooling. (If you enter using the “Without a box” link, you can get a little extra time to polish your work of sheer genius.)

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