You Blew It! Now What?

Amy and her Valentine!

Amy and her Valentine!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and YOU forgot to order something for that special someone in your life. It’s too late for flowers…they’re all sold out.
You can’t afford jewelry…and every restaurant is booked.
YOU are so dead! Or are you? We here at the Snake Alley Festival of Film, we feel your pain. In fact, we’ve come up with some solutions for you. Try these and you’ll be out of the doghouse and onto a pedestal. (Well, maybe not. But at least you won’t be treated like a pariah.)

If you’re a filmmaker, dedicate your entry to the love of your life. Then get your tickets to come to The 2nd Annual Snake Alley Festival of Film. Imagine the look of pure adoration you’ll get when she’s watching a film made in her honor while on a mini vacation to beautiful Burlington, Iowa in June.

But what if you’re not a filmmaker? Well Sparky, we’ve thought of you, too. Get her (and yourself, of course) an all access pass to all of the events at this guaranteed-good-time film festival. (Original movies, food, fun and parties. What’s not to love?)

See there! Problem solved. And you thought it was hopeless.

Speaking of sweethearts, our press liaison for filmmakers is Amy Walsh. She will handle all media interviews for filmmakers who are entered in the fest. So, if you want to be on the radio, in the papers, and maybe on TV, she’s the lady to call. Her contact info is 319-572-0546 or you can email her

By the way, the guy in the picture with her is her husband. And, yes, he IS that big!

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