My love and hate of tech…

Love tech! Love to see the films on the big screen in all their glory for the very first time. Sometimes I find myself sitting in that dark room wondering how these films will effect people… Will they, in some way. feel enriched? Inspired? Offended? Or worse… Will they leave the theater, muttering under their breath, “it was okay”…

I hate that!! I would rather a person hate my film venomously, then say it was okay…

Slowly, I come out of my daze and focus on the task at hand. There’s a glitch. My tech guy scrambles to fix it. It won’t play. What do you mean, “it won’t play?” He shrugs, flips a button. A light flickers. I look up. And up on the screen is one of my personal favorites!!! I’m thinking this better play, cuz it’s brilliant!!!! It ends. I look over at my tech. He shrugs, then says, ” It was okay”.

There’s a lesson in there, somewhere, but right now I’m to angry to believe it…

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